Saturday 16 October 2010

Zlow worm

I forgot to take the photos.  I've never done this before, always taken them on the day we did the bricklaying.  I went out first thing and bought a lot of fruit and veg, then flowers, then picked more veg and went to the church.  It only took us an hour and a half to get it all ready.  I did baskets of produce - I like to see plenty of vegetables at a harvest service.  They are all taken round to village pensioners afterwards by the oldest class at the school.  I also did a fairly exuberant flower arrangement - I hadn't been able to get the flowers I wanted and they were a bit random, so I went for the flamboyant look, with the view that I'd get away with it if I was confident enough.

Which is rather my philosophy, in my middle years, I admit.

I was right out of wine, except for the good stuff, and the champagne (actually just ordinary fizz, can't remember what) in the fridge, so I went to the supermarket, which was really busy (for Yagnub, that is) and then shopping for the weekend, and then came back to make cakes for tomorrow.  Have lunch and then make cakes, that is.  I fell asleep.

Anyway, all done now and I babysat the children this evening, as their parents went to a party.  This is the first time I've sat at the computer all day.  After this, I shall watch an episode of The Wire, which I haven't had time for all week.

As I haven't photos of the wall yet, I thought you might like to see the slow worm that a friend found in the road the other day.  I took the picture and there hasn't been a suitable time to post it.  If you aren't fond of snakes, of course this isn't one - it's a lizard.  I think it is very beautiful.


Marion said...

Sounds like a very busy day. I've never heard of a legless lizard. Sure looks snaky. Pretty color.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a Blindschleiche - I met one or another over the summer when walking here through the vineyards, saw some Nattern too, Nattergezücht ... It was a busy week all around I think; emotionally draining, at least here. I am very happy for Sunday.

Dave said...

I've got the images of the progress of the wall all neatly filed away, in date order, on my computer. What will I do without Day 50?

We'll have to knock it down and start again. Let's take the current one as practise.

Roses said...

I love lizards and snakes. And lizards that pretend to be snakes...even though some idiot named it a 'worm'.

I wish I had your talent of flower arranging. I place flowers in vase and hope for the best.

Still in shock over your dry house. I can't believe you let your standards slip. I'm appalled. Therefore, after gardening today, I'll go to Waitrose and stock up.

Unknown said...

Haven't seen one of those since 1965, when we were living in Halesworth, and our neighbour's son bought two of them round in a box, to see if I could tell him what they were. I told him, we looked them up, and they are, as you say, legless lizards. Nice to see they're still around in the area.
Regards, Mike.

Dandelion said...

Can I speak frankly? I know it's one of God's creatures, but I think that is revolting. It's because it's called a worm, I think. If it was a slow-snake or a slow-lizard, I'd be in agreement with you. I wonder what it is about them that qualifies them as a lizard?

Pat said...

Bad luck forgetting the camera but the slow worm is excellent - great for the garden.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Love snakes and lizards, like mice (in the right place of course, not brought on to my bed by Otis at 4 in the morning, even though it turned out to be a half-chewed fig roll), hate spiders (yes, yes, I know they're our friends), not keen on moths and crane flies.

Thank you for reminding me to replenish stock of slurping wine, as I notice the good stuff appearing at regular intervals these days.

My friends, whose beloved Border Terrier, Rosie, is probably cavorting with Tilly as we speak, got a new puppy (Libby) last weekend.

New baby is sleeping on their bed, and their sadness is slightly assuaged (or perhaps it's just exhaustion).

Z said...

Lizards have eyelids and so they can blink. Snakes don't. Slow worms have eyelids, so they are lizards. I'm sure there are other factors but that's the easiest to spot. I can't suggest why they're called worm unless it's that they are brown - they are dry and pleasant to touch.

Before I married, I always had at least one dog sleeping on my bed. Never since - fortunately, the hall and stairs are divided from the rest of downstairs by a door so dogs are not allowed up at night. Tilly used to love running up in the morning, diving under the covers and going to sleep by my feet.

Sadly, it would not be fair to a puppy to take it on for the next few weeks at least, as we'd be obliged to neglect it and obviously there's no question of that. I'm terribly lonely though and imagine I see and hear Tilly all the time.

I've only seen three slow worms, all within 100 yards of each other, all within the last two years. But I'm told there are plenty about here. We also have grass snakes.

I love lizards and amphibians, especially newts.

How do we know said...

i really did think it was a snake..

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Yuk. Hope you stood on its head?

Z said...

I'd be very wary of any Indian snakes. HDWK, I don't know enough about them and would assume they were poisonous until reassured!

Simon, you're trying to provoke me. It's not as easy as that, however.

Z said...

I was only out of wine and beer, by the way. Plenty of other alcohol.