Wednesday 6 October 2010

Z is cautiously hopeful

I did finish the work last night, which meant that I didn't have it to do this morning.  Tilly wouldn't touch her breakfast, so I was glad that I'd made an appointment for her at the vet.  She's got a slightly raised temperature so is on antibiotics, and has had a blood sample taken for tests.  Recently, she's been eating only soft food, as she can't digest biscuit or chews, so her teeth aren't in too good shape and that may be the source of the infection.  Anyway, I bought chicken and cooked it with rice, carrots and onions and she thought that was lovely, so she's eaten a lot today which is reassuring.  I'll buy some lamb for her tomorrow  (I was joking about the fillet steak, Dave).  She usually enjoys her dog food, and seemed hungry, but wouldn't touch it - I've had to coax her for a few days.  She has lost some weight since I changed her diet and can't afford to get much thinner.

I did get to the lecture, which was excellent - the Sage came too and enjoyed it very much.  And then I had my hair cut, which I always find soothing, so I had mellowed considerably by the time I arrived home.  This evening I've read nice replies to the email with information that I sent out last night, so I've answered all those, and although I've still got a lot to do, I've caught up with the urgent stuff.  Still not heard from Ofsted.  Still not fussing.

Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, we'll be bricklaying again.  Weeza and Zerlina are coming over too for the day, so that will be fun.


Dave said...

Ooooh. Will little Z be passing up bricks - or merely drawing on the wall?

Anonymous said...

Are you short of a non laying bantam?

Christopher said...

Hello, dearest Z. Just dropping in to say Hi and beam at everyone.

Z said...

Mostly drawing, it seems. Still, she was a great help.

Have you got one looking for a good home, Anon?

Oh Chris, hello - I trust the dazzling smile means you are feeling much better.