Sunday 24 October 2010

Z is warm

I have moved my computer into the kitchen.  I will move it back into the drawing room when I feel able to sit there with my coat off.

Actually, it's very nice in here.  The only trouble is that I'm sitting on a stool at the counter and it's evidently not at quite the right height for typing; although I'm deliberately sitting upright, my back aches.  I stood to type for a while.  However, I'm well up with the minutes that I would have written a week ago if I hadn't had that cold and felt quite unwell for a couple of days.  And, although I haven't finished them, I've done other follow-up work connected with the meeting, so I feel okay about it.  I'll do the rest tomorrow.

I'm in Ro's good books, because I have been able to tell him that the Hold Steady will be in Norwich next February.  I was put on to them by Hey Bartender but saw from his Spotify list that he listens to them too, and he's gratified by my alertness and plans to book a ticket.  His email actually started "You are good".

Heh - I've been drinking some of the Seville orange vodka that I made back in February and offered some to the Sage. I warned him it was strong - he doesn't really drink spirits.  He liked it but it made him cough, bless him.  I persuaded him to have another sip, promising a kiss.  He fell for it.  It, and the lemon vodka, are very good but sweet - the lemon is a stronger version of limoncello.  Another time, I'll try it with less sugar.

Hard to believe that in a week's time I'll be in Malta.  There's some doubt whether the Bod will come, now.  I think I mentioned that his mum has had a fall and broken bones.  He won't come if he's not confident she's on the mend.  She's 89 and in excellent health normally, but this has shaken her a lot, of course.  She'll still be in hospital in any case, and his brother will be on hand for the week, but Bod is right to put her first, naturally.

Still loving iassociate.  Sad to say, I've completed 3 of the 4 levels that came out on Friday night.  The fourth is on tv reality shows, which is not my speciality, especially not American ones.  Still, it keeps me distracted from bad behaviour.  Not that I'd necessarily call that a good thing.

Speaking of which, time for bed.  Goodnight, darlings.


Dave said...

Sweet fruity vodka is probably the only way I could drink alcohol. But why bother, when life's so good without it?

Roses said...

Sweet fruity vodka...I'd love to try some. Especially, as life is so good with it.

Don't drink it all, I'll be along shortly.


Christopher said...

Malta! Wonderful - you'll keep us posted, won't you?

(Thanks for that 'organic' conversation over at Dave's place. I'd love to take you up on your offer some time (especially intrigued by a 3' stop - must be a mixture of some kind?) and I'll really have to see what can be done. Won't be in 2010, though.)

Z said...

The only thing that makes a sweet drink at all palatable is plenty of alcohol, in my opinion. And drinking it is no bother at all.

I'm sure I'll find some internet there, Chris. And I look forward to your visit here. I'm going to have to go and check that it is actually a 3' stop and I'm not leading you astray.

Anonymous said...

This mixture sounds good, I am only careful with sugar.