Friday 10 April 2009

Z's drawing room has a really tidy corner

I meant to go shopping yesterday afternoon, as I was looking after the children and I thought they would be quite happy trawling round the supermarket persuading me to buy them things, but they were both rather edgy and tearful when their mother left. They sounded tired and not very well, so I changed my mind and suggested a cuddle on the sofa with a film to watch instead. It was just what was needed, they both had a rest (actually, I dropped off at one point for a few minutes) and afterwards they drew, did puzzles and we read books until Al came home. Then I went out for dinner.

I wasn't late back, and was slightly disappointed that Ro hadn't unpacked the new television, so I hoovered and tidied where the old one had been while he assembled the base of the new one. Once it was in place, we decided it wasn't in the best place. There's not much choice, as it has to be within reach of the aerial lead but, once Dilly arrived home this morning to take over the children, I moved all the furniture in the room and cleaned thoroughly - actually, I haven't quite finished. There seems to be at least one armchair too many in here now. I'll probably keep them over Easter, as we'll use them all, and then move one to another room.

I hadn't been shopping however, and tonight I'm babysitting Zerlina, staying overnight and tomorrow morning going shopping with Weeza for her birthday present - I'm buying her shrubs and suchlike for her garden. There is little food in the house, though I have taken a leg of lamb from the freezer for Sunday (it had a happy, though short life, eating good grass from our field down by the river last spring and summer). More importantly, there was hardly a bottle of wine in the pantry - I've been too busy to shop recently and we've even drunk most of the good stuff. Not that I regularly have good stuff, though every time I do I think I should up my wine-buying game somewhat.

It used to be that most shops were shut on Good Friday, but that's been increasingly going by the board in recent years, And now I've joined the shoppers. Ro and I went down to the Co-op and filled a trolley.

I realised a while ago that I won't be around in the morning to help decorate the church. I've sent out an email explaining, so I hope someone who's going will read it and tell the others what's happening. I suppose I'd better put a note in the church kitchen too, in case.


Blue Witch said...

What sort of TV did you/Ro settle on eventually? I mean choose, rather than loiter, of course. Because although it usurps a chair, I do not think it is recommended to use it in that way.

Dave said...

Surprised you have time to watch the TV.

Ah, it's for the children. Of course.

Z said...

It's a Toshiba, BW.

By tonight I'll have 6 hours of The Wire to catch up with, Dave. I've also recorded The Apprentice from Wednesday. I might watch television tonight, as I'll be alone at Weeza and Phil's house. That's probably about it for the week, but that's quite a lot, isn't it?

I used to watch television while I ironed, but I hardly do any ironing now.

Girlplustwo said...

Z love, i've missed you.

Z said...

Sweetheart, I'm sorry for your setback, especially as it's caused through illness. I hope you'll be away to your new home again soon.

martina said...

Have a very happy Easter Z!

The Preacherman said...

Happy Easter babe x and enjoy the new set.

My mate has four large flat screens dotted around the house. One day we saw the police heading towards the house and we had to remove them quick and hide them. The cops went to his next door neighbours instead so we put 'em back on the wall.

Where do I find these people????

sablonneuse said...

Was it your own lamb then? I've been wondering about keeping a couple of sheep to 'mow' the more unruly part of our 'garden' but everyone says they'd refuse to eat an animal that we 'knew'.

Z said...

Sandy, a local farmer has a few sheep and raises lambs every year. We've got a field that used to be an orchard before the 'hurricane' of 1987 (
which blew nearly all the trees down. It's now a lovely meadow by the river, but it needs to be grazed to keep a good balance of plants, and sheep are ideal. So it's a quid pro quo - we don't charge for the grazing and they're good for the land. When the sheep go to the local slaughterhouse (they have half a mile to travel only) we buy one. I butcher it. I don't think I could raise them for meat myself.

Preacher, it's a good thing that you yourself are such an honest and upright citizen. I'm sure you'll lead them back to the path of honesty.

Happy Easter, all.

Dandelion said...

You butcher it? You? Are you sure? Wherever did you learn to do that?

Z said...

I am quite sure, dear heart. I need help with the cleaver, but otherwise it's simple anatomy.