Tuesday 7 April 2009

Z is a big husky

I haven't mention that, for the last few days, I've been a little husky. Np, don't be daft, I mean my voice. This morning, I spoke to the Sage like Fenella Fielding, which was fine, and then he went out and then I left for the meeting. When I arrived at my friend's house to pick her up, my voice was hardly there at all. I whispered and croaked my way through the meeting and came home, thinking of what I needed to do next - buy some plants Ro had asked me to get for Weeza, buy Maltesers and jelly babies for the meeting tonight, pick flowers and make birthday posies for WI tonight (I can't go because of the other meeting, so would give them to someone else to take) and get to the meeting room early to set up.

Then it dawned on me. I had lost my voice. I had the complete excuse to give my apologies for the meeting and have an evening at home. So I sent an email to explain, did the flowers, asked the Sage to deliver them so I didn't have to talk, set up the room and came home with nothing more to do. That is, there's another couple of phone calls I was planning to make, but I can't, being almost voiceless.

I put in my contact lens this morning and it wasn't comfortable. I took it out and thought the edge looked a bit rough, so I threw it away and took out a new one. I put it in, it still didn't feel right, I took it out, peered at it, rinsed it, put it in again and left the house. I just decided to take it out. It doesn't seem to be there. This is a bit of a nuisance. It means that I dropped it this morning and only thought I'd put it in. If I found it, it would be dried out and useless, so that's a waste of rather a lot of money.

It's also notable that I drove to Norwich and back without realising that I didn't have it in.


Dave said...

Sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you.

Z said...

I can enunciate clearly, Dave, but I can't shout. You have to put that book down and listen.

lom said...

Girl you need a holiday.

Z said...

Good advice - it's less than three weeks away!