Saturday 4 April 2009

Another day, another birthday

And today, it's Weeza'z birthday. Happy birthday, lovely girl.

It was clever of me, wasn't it, having my children two days apart? Though Ro's birthday is in July. I vetoed having a third baby in April, or anywhere near Christmas.

We won't see her today, as she and the family are visiting Phil's parents as it's his mum's 60th next week and today there is a big joint party for her and her best friend from schooldays. Wink is coming to stay for Easter and we'll have a three-way celebration on Easter Sunday as her birthday is a couple of days after that. All wild partying around here, you see. Hmm. Tame partying.

How thoughtful of the Weather Demons, to give the first day of the school holidays to warmth and sunshine. I've been working in the greenhouse, but have come indoors for a while as I was too hot. All the first batch of seedlings are up and I've got more sown. Still a lot to do of the later stuff - beans and squashes and so on, but I'll do them all in the next week or so. French beans are jolly tricky as they hate too much moist warmth as much as they despise damp cold and in either situation the seeds rot. MInd you, last year rabbits ate all the plants as soon as they were set out in the garden. I've sown broad beans indoors as pheasants are fond of them and we have a good many pheasants in the garden - three cocks vying with each other for the attention of at least seven hens. The chickens are very good and sweet and tend not to stray as far as the kitchen garden, and I don't mind the odd dustbath in the lawn. Nor do I mind molehills. Come to that, any animals except for mink and rats are more than welcome in my garden, although when a cow eats a whole bedful of sweetcorn I become a bit moody for a while.

I would quite like a brief rest on the sofa, which may include closing my eyes for a few minutes. Drinking red wine at lunchtime followed by a very warm spell in the greenhouse has rebounded on me. I need to be awake for this quiz tonight. There will be some clever people there with better memories than I have, so we won't win.


Dave said...

I used to know a lot of facts, but my memory has definitely deteriorated in the last couple of years.

Probably the result of drugs.

Z said...

Maybe you need some more stimulating drugs, Dave?

We came second again. Well in front of the next team, but several points behind the very good ones who beat us. We're embarrassed to find how much we don't know about British geography!