Monday 6 April 2009

More Zedworking -

with varied degrees of success. One person, whom I'd phoned several times without success, I finally emailed. I've not met her but in last year's questionnaire she said she might be willing to join the committee. I've just had a reply; she's at present on a cruise ship en route to Alexandria. She is interested in becoming Secretary and will phone me when she arrives home. Now, that's the sort of conscientious person I appreciate. I like her already.

The other person I spoke to might be willing to come on the committee, but not as Treasurer. That's four refusals. I have a couple more options but I'm not optimistic about either of them agreeing, and one doesn't use a computer in any case, which is not terribly convenient. I'll take it back to the committee tomorrow and see if anyone has any thoughts.

I had a very boring, but productive morning, much of which was spent on the phone and the rest on the computer. I started with an hour of babysitting, but then worked solidly for three hours - yes you all do that every day. I don't - that is, I might spend a long time typing if I've got reports 'n' stuff, but actually talking to people is another thing. I'm not all that fond of making phone calls, and they always seem to come in when I'm busy doing something more interesting or important. What really is guaranteed to make the phone ring is settling down for a conversation with the Sage.

In the afternoon I got out into the greenhouse and sowed yet more seeds. Next thing will be to start pricking out tomato seedlings, of which there are 8 varieties. Probably an average of a couple of dozen of seedlings of each, though that may be an underestimate. It's the part I like best, the nurturing of little plants. By the time they are all done the peppers - sweet and chilli another 100 plants or so - will need to be done and then the aubergines - purple and white. By then squashes will be ready to pot up. It's a good thing I've a fair bit of greenhouse space. The trying time is often the end of April or beginning of May when a sneaky late frost suddenly catches the runner beans I've been carefully getting ready to plant out. We rarely get frost later than the first few days of May, but it can still be cold enough to catch newly-planted tender beans and courgettes.

Tonight, I'm catching up on The Wire They're putting it on every blooming weekday, so if you miss one and don't watch it the next day, you have to record the next night's. This will happen tonight as I've got two episodes to watch in an hour, which obviously isn't going to happen.


Dave said...

I potted-on my 16 tomato plants yesterday - but then my greenhouse is a little smaller than yours.

Z said...

Al will sell most of them, Dave.

Dave said...

I'm trying hard not to feel guilty about the treasurer's job, but it really isn't right at the moment. I know I'd feel too stressed.

If you still need one in 12 month's time, do ask again, my circumstances might be different.

Z said...

I wasn't aiming the remarks at you, Dave dear, don't feel guilty. But thank you for that.

mike said...

Are you enjoying The Wire, Z? I was given the boxed set of all five seasons for Xmas, and we were completely sucked into Season One by around the fourth or fifth episode.

And have you started to incorporate Wire-speak into everyday life? ("We need to get a re-up on the seedlings.")

Z said...

It's brilliant. And yes, almost irresistible to use Wire-speak. Mind you, I put on the subtitles when I realised that in some sentences the only words I caught were 'motherfucka' and 'yo'.