Saturday 25 April 2009

The Sage is so polite

I was cooking dinner and he came to chat to me. "Am I interrupting?" he asked, because the radio was on. I have complained, sometimes, that people do not think that the radio matters. If you're watching television, they wait for a break before speaking, but they tune out the radio and talk over it and I've often missed something I wanted to listen to.

On this occasion, it was just background conversation, so I assured him I was happy to listen to him. He chattered away happily, about the sale of course, and after a while, grating cheese into a sauce, I dropped the grater. Into the sauce. "Sorry," he said, "That was my fault, I distracted you."

Of course, it wasn't his fault at all, I was merely clumsy.

I have packed, apart from books. I seem to have a shortlist of 6. I'm wondering if this is enough, or perhaps too many. I have also to pack my camera, but at least I have charged the battery. I need to take photos tomorrow, for the advertisement for our July sale. Apparently, the deadline is Monday. The photo is to be of a tea caddy. Vitally, it has its original cover. That doubles, at least, its value.

The Sage is already planning the October sale too. He is very happy.


Dave said...

Just in case this is your last post before leaving, may I take this opportunity to trust you have a wonderful, relaxing trip. You deserve it.

Z said...

Thank you, Dave, very much. On my to-do list for today is 'email Dave' so you may hear from me later.

sablonneuse said...

Sorry the award wasn't there when you commented. It is now. Oh, and have a good trip.