Monday 13 April 2009

Z buys Another Birthday Present

It's not surprising that I vetoed further April babies, considering that my two older children and my sister all have birthdays in the first half of this month. It's Wink's turn tomorrow and I hadn't bought her a present. I didn't know what to get, so we were planning to go shopping. However, in the course of conversation at dinner tonight, the subject of sat-navs came up and I wondered if she would like one. She would, so that's done. All I have to do now is find her card, which I've put a load of stuff on top of.

I had the children again today, for rather longer than I'd expected, but they were very good...most of the time. Squiffany threw a wobbly. I asked them what they'd like for lunch, giving three choices. Squiffany asked for boiled eggs (I'd just said 'eggs' with no method specified). Pugsley asked for fish fingers - but then, that was all right. They both thought they might like to share them both, so all seemed well. But when the egg appeared, and I invited her to tap it so that I could remove the top of the shell, she suddenly said she wanted eggs cooked in a different way. I was firm, she lost her temper and stormed from the room, so I ignored her for the next half hour while she calmed down. She came back a few times to shout a bit more, and opened the drawing room door a couple of times while she could slam it, but I took no notice. Wink ate one of the boiled eggs and I ate the other.

Later, we talked it through, she said 'sorry' and ate the fish fingers I'd saved (I told her it was those or nothing). All was tranquil for the rest of the day and, ooh, we watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks. This was Ro's favourite film when he was a little boy and he watched the video over and again. He suspects that he holds the record for the most watchings. I was thrilled when I saw it was on, and we all clustered round the television.

Did I mention (I didn't know, so I've looked at yesterday's post and no, I didn't) that Al and his family like the new tv? They all cuddled up on the sofa yesterday afternoon and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The corner it's in is still very tidy. In my house, that's worth remarking.


Dave said...

Aren't you leaving the country soon? Shouldn't you be getting excited about it by now?

Sir Bruin said...

Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too. Johnny Depp makes a creditable Willy Wonka, but I think Gene Wilder has the edge in the original. Oh yes, I'm a sat nav convert too.

Z said...

Not for nearly a fortnight, Dave. Far too early to think about it now.

I remember taking my children to the cinema when they were little, and my sister came to join us. When she asked for one adult ticket the woman in the box office looked bemused and repeated 'one ADULT ticket?' I like children's films, myself.

She's borrowing my satnav today - hope she likes it because I've ordered the same brand for her!

martina said...

I prefer the original Willy Wonka movie by far. Which version is truer to the book?

Pat said...

Yay for tough Grandmas! That'll larn 'em.
I'm lackadaisically researching TVs and discount plasma because it's too big. There's a start:)

Z said...

I don't think either of them quite gets the spirit of the book, but I'm inclined to be tolerant.

Pat, I agree with you there. 32" is probably fine for you unless you have a very big room - Weeza's new tv is 32", ours is 37" but we can sit quite some way from it!

Ro suggests going to John Lewis and telling them how much you want to spend and what size screen you like and taking their advice. If I hadn't had him to lean on, that's exactly what I'd have done. Having said that, the one I went for in the end was more expensive at John Lewis, but it included a 5-year guarantee.

I am pliable most of the time, and Al thinks I spoil them, and I don't start a battle I can't make sure I win, but when necessary I am extremely tough! Kind afterwards and I always make sure we've put things right between us. I have no compunction about spoiling them a little, because that's what Grandmas are for.