Thursday 23 April 2009

Z sources Salt

I am indebted to Simon for sending me to this site. For a moment, I was enthused, since the extremely-South-Norfolk - so far to the south that my postal address includes the word 'Suffolk' - area isn't so far marked. But then I realised that this is not exactly a Norfolk (however 'n'good) blog. Once, I was offered a place among religious bloggers, once women's and once British. But, though I touch on all these things, I don't think I have a theme at all. It's just a ramble through my life as I portray it at the moment I sit here and write.

But what really put me off was the notion that I should write specific posts, and call them 'BlogNor09'. I'm sorry, I can't. It feels like selling myself in some obscure way, and not even to an attractive title.

Nonetheless, I wish them well, especially since JonnyB is already linked as a contributor. Even though, and this is something that quite annoys me, they only put one post to a page. I like to browse a bit, to read past posts, even if I've already seen them. If I have to click to 'older posts' and then wait for the single post to load (that is one thing to mention about rural Norfolk; that Broadband becomes ever slower) I can't be bothered. I'll go to the feedreader and read them all together.

Anyway, dinner is cooking. Roast Norfolk chicken, roast Norfolk potatoes, Norfolk asparagus, Norfolk purple sprouting broccoli. We'll draw a veil over the sweet potatoes, the shallots and garlic, and the salt is from Essex. The wine, as it happens, is not particularly delicious, but was really quite cheap, and comes from Chile.

Tomorrow, it is our auction, of 18th century Suffolk china. From Lowestoft, indeed, which is itself only 5 miles from Norfolk.


Blogging Norfolk, Snapshot of a county said...

You don't 'have' to use the titles -- it is just to make them easier to find when searching on the internet, and easier to find specifically project-related content, rather than, say, generically norfolk related. Alternatively, you could just write something and leave a comment with a link, or all of the above... it is just to make life easier for us.

And you don't have to be a Norfolk 'themed' blog, just a blogger in Norfolk who would like to take part in some way.

And not sure what you mean by the single page thing. If there is an option which makes it easier (reading through the feedreader), all is OK, surely?!

Z said...

Ahem. Thank you - it was only a slightly puerile attempt at bringing Norfolk into the general discussion...

I like to read posts on the blog itself, partly because I think the layout and style is part of the whole thing, and partly as a courtesy so that I show up on your readership stats. It's no big deal (however annoyed I claimed to be) but I did find it a nuisance to have to click 'older post' to go back to the previous page. I will continue to read it of course, and will be interested to follow up the other links.

I see you have Rupert Mallin too, whom I also follow.

Dave said...

They haven't got me though. I am not a Norfolk blogger. I just happen to be passing through the county.

Very slowly.

Z said...

I'm not one of the real Nor Folk, having only lived here for 23 years, but the Sage is, so I hang on his coat tails.