Wednesday 15 April 2009

Z is wakeful

I took the precaution of a prophylactic painkiller this morning, which meant I've felt splendid all day, except for the cough. Today, since I was working in the shop on The Day Itself, we celebrated Wink's birthday with a day out with Weeza and Zerlina. We had lunch at an excellent pub (with added brewery next door). Zerlina was a Perfect Angel, as I expect all children related to me to be, and ate her lunch enthusiastically. She then shared our pudding (one ice cream, three spoons ... ah, four spoons) and only whined a bit then - she'd never had ice cream before and was slightly anxious that we might have her share.

After that, we went back for a nap. We didn't sleep, the baby did. For a long time. After an hour's chat, we started remarking on it. "Zerlina is having a lovely long sleep, isn't she?" "Yes, isn't it good?" "I wonder when she'll wake up?"

She did, cheerful and relaxed, and then we went shopping at the garden centre for, having planted out everything we'd bought the other day, there were still a couple of gaps. We spent a long time there, and I bought a new fork and spade too.

So, a jolly day all round, and not a lot to remark upon. I potted up a few dozen more tomato plants this morning, and now only have about 100 to go, plus all the other seedlings.

The only fly that has inconveniently buzzed into the ointment is that Wink has lost her wallet. That is, she hopes it's here, or possibly with Wink or with her sister-in-law and her husband, whom she visited yesterday. But she can't find it. She hasn't used it since she's been here, but she's rung a neighbour who's been in and checked obvious places in her house. She's looked everywhere, but we'll look again tomorrow morning. There's no reason to think there has been malappropriation, but all the same, it's got her credit cards in so one can't take it lightly. Oh bummer, darlings, don't you hate it when something like that happens? If it doesn't turn up tomorrow, she's going to have to bite the cancellation bullet, which will be a real nuisance.

Everyone seems to have gone to bed. But the night is young, darlings, it's hardly half past ten. What am I to do for the next couple of hours?


Dave said...

What a shame I didn't read this last night. I'm sure I could have found you some ironing.

Z said...

Thank you, darling, for the kind thought.

The Allotment Blogger said...

You have 100 plus tomato seedlings? We have about two dozen and now I feel totally inadequate.

Z said...

Oh, don't - I grow extra for Al to sell. I love growing plants but I rather resent them once they grow large and need constant care. I want them to be like grown-up children and start looking after me.

Dandelion said...

Thank heavens for that! I was going to wonder how one Sage could possibly eat that many tomatoes.