Tuesday 1 May 2007


And it's still gorgeous weather. I am very happy. Not for any particular reason, except that I've just had my hair cut, which was badly needed. I had an appointment three weeks ago and I forgot it. I didn't even realise, until I noticed that I could hardly see out from under a nose-length fringe and looked in my diary and found no future appointment. Fortunately, I could be fitted in quite quickly, which is just as well as I was rapidly growing a mullet.

Tilly is not quite her usual accommodating self at present. She has found herself some irresistible dead animal to roll in. I don't know where it is, as we are surrounded by fields and she is free to roam in them, but she came into church on Sunday (I was really late back and the Sage and she came to find me) and, I'm afraid, her aroma preceded her. I took her home and gave her a bath, with a bucket of water in the garden. Warm water, of course. What do you take me for? Yesterday, she did it again. I bathed her again. She doesn't like baths, although she does stand patiently and obediently, and I wonder how many times I'm going to have to do this.

Tonight it's WI, and I, with Yvonne and Doris, am doing food. Chi-chi canapés from me, which I'll make this afternoon. It won't take long, as I'd rather be in the garden. Housework is certainly suffering at present, as I'd rather do other things.

Did I tell you that I'm off on holiday again soon? Just for a long weekend in Krakow. I've never been to Poland, nor anywhere in Eastern Europe, and it should be interesting. At this rate, I'll barely have the Cornwall photos up before I'm back with Krakovian ones. Before that, on Friday, is our auction. The Sage had his picture in the local paper last Friday and a piece in the EDP, the Norwich-based daily, yesterday.


martin said...

My Z what a busy life you have.... will the catalogue be up on the internet ?.

Z said...

You blinked, Martin, you missed the link.


Still, even the worthy Homer nods.

Monozygote said...

How exciting. I'm happy too. It's amazing how a little sunshine can lift the spirits.

The Boy said...

It does make a difference doesn't it. Having another holiday to look forward to I'm sure doesn't hurt.

What exactly constitutes chi-chi canapes?

Z said...

Sun's better than SAD, isn't it.

The usual bits, Boy, although particularly easy this time as it was too hot to spend too long slaving over the Aga today. Smoked salmon or mushroom pâté on bits of toast, cream cheese and roasted pepper on slices of cucumber, that sort of thing. Two other people were helping, one with cakes and one with savouries. We go to a lot of trouble with food - I skip dinner on WI nights!

Monozygote said...

You've made me hungry, and it's the middle of the night...

I'm going to have to have canapes for dinner tomorrow night now. Smoked salmon on blinis and mini chicken vol au vents. Followed by chocolate cornflake cakes. One Is Fun.

ps don't you love the name Ban KiMoon.

How do we know said...

hello Zoe.. was just here.. read up on everything I'd missed since the last time. The pics are really nice, and i loved the cat one best.

When is the next holiday due? Am only asking so we know when to prepare to miss you again.

Z said...

I like blinis. Sometimes I make them for a first course for Christmas Day. It works out quite well, making the yeast batter before church and then having them with champagne or vodka round the fire, opening presents, before lunch.

Sorry to mention the C word at this time of year.

HDWK - you are a sweetie. I'm away from Friday the 11th until the following Tuesday.

y.Wendy.y said...

Oh Z! Bloglines says you posted 14 posts while I was gone...14!! Blimey it'll take forever to catch up. But it will be fun because obviously I love your posts..and those photos look fab.

Z said...

Ban KiMoon is a splendid name.

Welcome back, Wendz. Yes, sorry, a lot of posts, but I was away for ten days and didn't post at all. Still photos to come - it saves me from having to send them all round the family!