Wednesday 2 May 2007

Cornwall photos - 7

We went to Truro Museum, where my sister remembered having seen some L't china. Indeed there was, a mug inscribed 'A Trifle from L***t' (this was in a section about seaside holidays and memorabilia, pointing out that souvenir ware was already being made in the 18th Century) and, in their section about china through the centuries - for china clay comes from Cornwall (not the L't china clay, however), several more pieces. A couple of the photos aren't good enough to post, but here are a couple of pieces.

No. 45 is the Imari pattern. No. 46 is wrongly labelled, it's not L't.

I wonder if they know quite how much the 'Maria Hoyle' teapot is worth, assuming it's not badly damaged at the back, where it's inscribed Norwich. It's an unusual pattern and anything with a name on is worth a lot. Eight or ten thousand pounds at auction, I'd think. More if it's perfect.

Random strutting seagull


Girlplustwo said...

i like #45. and the seagull at the end was unexpected and hilarious.

The Boy said...

And did you inform them of their mistakes and potential bonanza?

Like the seagull, though they don't make the right sounds in this country.

Z said...

The seagull had such a swagger, it appealed...

I don't know about the twang of a Canadian gull, but Cornish gulls certainly have a different accent from East Anglian ones.

Wrongly labelled pots entertain me, but I don't say anything. The last time the Sage and I went up to the top of the V&A to check out their L't, we had a good laugh at the mistakes. This was some years ago, I think they've done some checking since, however. I must have a look sometime.

Pat said...

Love the china. I have a tiny Clarice Cliff jug in which - in desperation - I once collected a urine specimen and three Lucy Rie vases - the smallest of which is damaged but are a joy to look at. have a good time in Poland1

Z said...

You've got a good aim, Pat!