Tuesday 8 May 2007

Z is in need of a Stiff Drink

I woke up at 5 o'clock, so I got up as I still had quite a lot to do for a meeting this morning. I'd had an email from the Rector on churchy matters the night before - 'it's nearly 11.30 and we're both still working?' I emailed back. It was after 1 when I finally slept.

I had so much time in hand that I looked up descriptions of all the pepper/chilli plant varieties and typed them out for Al to tell his customers. And then the squashes. And then I left for the meeting and, when I arrived, remembered that all the papers I had had printed for the AGM were still sitting in the study. We've all got a busy week and the extra hour spent in taking them to someone, or someone fetching them from me, would fill a lot of envelopes. So I said I'll do them. Four pieces of paper to fold in half, 350 envelopes to fill, 350 labels to stick, 350 stamps to attach.

That'll teach me.

I've invited myself and a bottle through to Al tonight and he says he'll help. Dilly is off for a rare evening out.

I picked up my zlotych (I had no idea what the plural of zloty is so I googled it. Bemusingly, Wikipedia says that the plural is zlote for numbers ending in 2,3 and 4, except 12, 13 and 14 and the plural is zlotych for other numbers), bought 400 stamps (self-adhesive stamps come in little books or 100s) and went into the shop to pick up a few veggies for tonight. "Oh good," said Al. "Are you busy?" I spent the next half-hour serving customers while he bunched up asparagus.

When I got home, after tea and chocolate cake, I started writing this, until an emergency phone call was received from next door. Squiffany had nearly fallen out of her high chair, but fortunately had got stuck, upside-down, which had been a bit upsetting. I went through to hear all about it and Pugsley told me. He waved his arms, leaned out of his high chair and made a lot of baby-talking noises, all with an earnest gaze. Squiffany allowed herself to be kissed better. Later, after doing some painting, she came to help me water the greenhouses.

I was dismayed to discover several more cucumber plants are looking limp. This sudden cold weather is killing them off - they'd have been all right if the weather had been cold all along, but they didn't appreciate the sudden change. I can see I may have to resow next week, which is a bit of a blow as they were really healthy plants until a few days ago and the seed is very expensive.

7 o'clock. Time to start cooking. I don't know what, yet. I have lots of vegetables, some cold cooked beef and pork and some cold cooked potatoes. Hm.

10.50. All done. Now I'll get ready for tomorrow's meeting - it'd be a bit daft to arrive at Kensington Town Hall without any papers, though not unusual for me.


dharmabum said...

hullo there! long time since i been here.

the world looks so beautiful thru your eyes, zoe - the kids, the gardening, the tea anc chocolate cake. if i had it in me, i'd come straight and camp out at norfolk for a while. or atleast till the time u drive me out :)

oh, and whats with the polish currency? my father meticulously sends out around a 1000 new year cards, every year! and he does it all himself too. thanks to bulk mailing and franking now, it has saved him the stamp pasting bit atleast!

Z said...

Hi Dharmabum, good to see you again.

I can't remember the number of envelopes that need posting for a one-off franking service, I think it's 500, more than we need though. At least there have been self-adhesive stamps for the last few years.

It was very good chocolate cake and plenty to share with you!

I'm going to Krakow in Poland for the weekend. I'll be gone Friday to Tuesday.

The Boy said...

Tough luke on the cukes. We haven't planted ours yet, been too busy sorting out the flower beds from last year's drought.

Haven't been to Krakow yet, so will be very interested in your reports!

stitchwort said...

Ah, Poland - for a moment there, I thought they'd changed the currency in Kensington!

luckyzmom said...

Cool. Poland. I was wondering where you were flying off to. Enjoy. I am often a last minute packer no matter how I intent not to be.