Sunday 27 May 2007

Z delegates and is sitting still

I said yesterday that I wasn't complaining, but now I look again, I certainly came very close to it. I didn't intend to sound martyrish, and I apologise. I was very tired, however. Today, I took a break.

It was the informal church service where I play the clarinet instead of the organ. I hadn't got around to transposing the music, so had to do it in my head (only up by one tone, which is do-able). Until I looked at the third and fourth hymns. They were both in A major (3 sharps) which would transpose to B major (5 sharps). Eek. On the piano, yes, but not on the clarinet, not in my head. The charming guitar players who were playing with me offered to transpose down instead. Having practised, they went off for coffee. One asked if I'd like one brought the length of the church to me, rather than fetching it myself. He meant it, he wasn't being sarcastic. I said yes please. Then Dave the Fellow* came to ask me something and I fished out the new battery I'd remembered to buy(!) and to bring(!!) and bossily asked him to put it in the radio mic.

Ooh, both cheeky and bossy, not the side of me that I really wish to display in public. Fabulous coffee, by the way, good and strong without quite hurting.

Then I spent the next several minutes practising a tricky bit - D sharp, B, C sharp, D sharp. I hardly play the clarinet any more, I know I've said I'm going to take lessons again but it hasn't happened yet.

Afterwards, a friend (not the same one whom I went with to Kew, I have a few gentlemen friends) asked if I'd like to go out with him to lunch. It was just exactly what I would like, and so I've relaxed ever since.

It's a good thing that I have reached the age of the Invisible Old Bag** and so I can do this sort of thing, for I like the company of my men friends and am glad that it doesn't excite either gossip or inappropriate suggestions.***

I've got two memes to write and a whole lot of work to do, but not today. I'll cook dinner and read the papers and that'll be it. It's raining, anyway. Every reason to slump.

*Fellow churchwarden
**I know, darlings, I'm still gorgeous really and I'm not asking for reassurance
***and if you believe that...


badgerdaddy said...

** You dang tootin'.

Rog said...

At least you know Taj Mahal!!!

Z said...

Dear BD, I have no idea what that means, but I take it as a compliment. Thank you.

Murph - that's true. I feel good about myself.

y.Wendy.y said...

Another marvellous insight into "The Life of Z - an English story."

Hope you feel less tired today.

Z said...

Thanks, Wendz, yes. Though I lay listening to the rain most of the night. But I enjoyed my evening, reading the papers and watching nonsense on television, which is something I rarely do.

Pat said...

Glad to see you have been taking it easy and lolling around. What are Bank Holidays for?
Z please put the javelin down now!

Z said...

It's not a javelin, Pat, it's a pitchfork