Monday 21 May 2007

Krakow - pictures 6 - finis

The Barbican was at one end of our square. It contains the remnants of the city wall, although it's so carefully restored that you don't get any feeling of age about it.

St Florian's gate led from the barbican to the basilica and the main square and cloth hall.

I can't remember what battle this dramatic scene commemorated - it was in the middle of the square

And the church was at the far end (I might remember the saint it's dedicated to at some point),

opposite our hotel.

Just down the road, and past the Pearl Jam poster, was a startlingly modern shopping precinct. I bought chocolate there, and presents for the babies. Funnily enough, I saw no places to buy children's clothes and toys - I found a chemist that had a small toy section.

Most of Poland is given over to agriculture - a poor photo taken from the coach on the way to the airport.

It was raining when we arrived at Luton Airport. I didn't take a picture.


martin said...

I notice that there are not many people on the streets
Z, could it be that most of then have been in my loft for the past three months ?.

Z said...

Early Tuesday morning, Martin - mind you, most of the people I saw were tourists. Yes, you have an excellent point. I certainly didn't run into any plumbers.

luckyzmom said...

I have enjoyed all of the pictures. Thanks for posting them.