Thursday 31 May 2007

I appreciate my optician

I'll say it again - I appreciate my optician. I wrote a few weeks ago an explanation of my eyesight that quite bewildered some of you. Today, I explained my theory to my optician, who checked my record, said 'fair enough' and gave me the trial lens that I suggested.

I am so impressed. Obviously, if she had advised me to take a different course, I'd have taken her advice, although I'd have wanted to talk it through with her. But she listened. And she took account of the fact that I know what my eyes are like.

I appreciate her, and I like her.

And is it awfully bad form of me to note that all these trial lenses give me a good month free eyesight? Contact lenses aren't cheap, you know.


Monozygote said...


I don't think it's bad form at all, I hear they're quite dear.

thailandchani said...

Not bad form at all! I can't wear them at all but feel that way with my current glasses. They came in a package deal with the surgery.



Z said...

Thank you both. I appreciate you too!

dharmabum said...

physicians who can listen seem to be a rare thing these days - atleast in these parts of the world. good for u :)