Friday 25 May 2007


went to

and saw lots of

I took most pictures of

so here's a little quiz for you. Please identify the trees by their bark.










Extra Quality Bonus points to anyone who can recognise them just from the pictures, but I think some of them are quite hard, so I'll put up the names later for you to match them up. Some pictures are of tropical trees. Some are of trees that were planted when the gardens were first established in 1759 - I think there are three of these, f,g & h

Later - answers, not in order, but I've put in the Latin name if I know it

a bamboo (don't know variety)
b banyan (ficus benghalensis)
c silver birch (betula candida)
d Japanese banana (inedible, apparently)
e pond cypress (taxodium ascendens 'nutans')
f locust tree (robinia pseudoacacia)
g maidenhair tree (gingko biloba)
h pagoda tree (sophora japonica)
i ebony (diospyrus ebenum)
j spindle palm (Hyophorbe verschaffeltii)


y.Wendy.y said...

There is possibly a cycad in there somewhere, but thats' all I could say - as for the rest - they are trees.

But I do see something far prettier in the first photo, albeit it half-hidden. ;)

Anonymous said...

I recognized palm, oak, elm and bamboo but not the rest. I like the happy person who popped out of the wishing well in first photo too.

Z said...

She certainly has a big grin on her face. I've added the names now, have another go.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

I only recognised the silver birch (number 10). That's extremely sad.

I love Kew, I think I will look at their website to see what facilities they have for mobility scoooters, but I think my days of climbing to the top of the Palm House have gone.

Z said...

They have wheelchairs available to borrow, one of our number used one. Nearly all of it is accessible I should think - they have ramps and wide paths. There's also the little train that goes round, but to use that you'd have to have a secure place to leave your scooter - no idea about that.

Some of the barks are very hard, but several are guessable. Maybe I'll have to offer a prize...

stitchwort said...

Number 8 is a sink plunger, and I claim my £5.

Z said...

You saw through me, Stitchwort. You have to get 'em all though

luckyzmom said...

here's my guesses
1.E 6.B
2.G 7.A
3.H 8.J
4.F 9.D
5.I 10.C

dharmabum said...

i know the banyan, bamboo, banana (din't know it was a jap variant) and some kinda palm. the rest, absolutely no idea.

oh, and u've been tagged, if u please :)

Pat said...

Is it me? Some of those trees looked - well - rude? Erotic? Obscene? Take your pick. I'll go and wash my mouth out.

Pat said...

PS I've always loved that blue poppy. It used to do awfully well in Scotland.

Z said...

7 out of 10, Lzm. Not bad at all, looking at them again, I'd only be confident of 8 and I saw the trees!

Db, now come on, make an effort! I'll do the tag, thanks.

Pi - well, there was a coco de mer nut there too. My friend was quite impressed and took a photo. I explained that it was a bald one, newly dropped they are even more impressive. "I don't like hairy women" he said. "It's not hairy all over" I told him. "what, that realistic?" "Mm-hm".

Yes, go and wash your mouth out. Or your mind?

Himalayan poppy, Meconopsis something - baileyii comes to mind, but I could be way out. I have grown them from seed, fabulous colour.