Friday 4 May 2007

Cornwall photos - 10 - Heligan 2. And a wedding

Finally, we went to inspect the vegetable gardens. And they were splendid. If they were mine, I'd lay them out a little differently, with more permanent paths, but big expanses of soil are fine if you've got enough people to do the work. I very much liked the avenue of apple trees and took several photos in case I might ever train some myself.

I won't, of course, I know it's pie in the sky.

I also admired the cucumber and melon house.

This is a Cornish sheep - I mean, the breed is - Cornish Horned or something, I can't quite remember.

And this chicken is a Norfolk Grey. It had been believed to be extinct, until three hens and a cock were discovered somewhere in Cornwall and the breed became re-established.

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