Wednesday 2 May 2007

Cornwall photos - 8

The end is in sight, take heart, and then I'll write about something else.

The evening, Mousehole

On our last day, we decided to laze around a bit. We had coffee,

packed a picnic lunch and headed for Sennen Cove, just round the corner from Land's End. It was a gorgeous day and we took books, Tough Puzzles (they are reissuing back issues, yay!) and planned to spend the day on the beach.

Our friends - brand new friends to me, introduced by my sister - Nigel and Mary said that they might be able to join us in the evening. There is a very nice restaurant there, which does relaxed sort of meals during the day and rather up-market ones later in the evening.

My sister thought I was cold, as I kept covering myself up. It was, however, the usual action of a fair-skinned Englishwoman, who doesn't want to be sunburned. I did, however, paddle.

Moments after this, the sea came way above my knees and I nearly fell over...

It was so pleasant to be an observer. You know what a softy I am, and my heart was thoroughly warmed by the happy families, with parents enjoying the company of their delightful children. No misbehaving, no tantrums, no neglect. Beach cricket and rounders, splashing in the surf, building sandcastles and good-naturedly being buried by children, delighted at having parents' full attention. Young people holding hands and laughing - I suppose it was awfully middle-class and a bit old-fashioned, but that is no criticism. There was a family of three boys, Rory (actually, I've a feeling it was probably Ruaraidh), Callum and Declan. The eldest looked after the youngest and was tolerant of his competitive middle sibling and the mother and three grandparents sat in deckchairs, enjoying the sun. The father went in the sea and encouraged the boys.

Eventually, we went back to the café and had a beer, and then ordered pizza (home-made) and salad. We had decided that Mary and Nigel weren't going to make it. I went to the loo, sis went to pay - and then they turned up! More food ordered, and wine, and the evening started again.

The sunset


dharmabum said...

beautiful observations. i love observing too.

and beautiful sunset too.

thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

'We had coffee...' AND - what's that sitting in the saucer?

AFC 30K said...

A trip down memory lane of childhood holidays in Cornwall. My wife has secretly book a week in a cottage in Cornwall for my birthday. Sadly here memory isn't quite as good as it used to be (and it was bad before) since the birth of number one son and she left all the paper work out on the side where I put my wallet & mobile.

Note to self.. Look surprised when you find out......

Z said...

Being an East Anglian, seeing the sun setting over the sea was a treat. I've seen it rise from the North Seaside though.

I didn't order the chocolate brownie, Pat - it was a freebie. Home made and very good.

Hello afc 30K, and welcome. I've seen your comments on other blogs, but not visited you yet, though I'll be dropping in.

What a good present. Bless her - actually, I like surprises best if I have some idea what to expect!

Z said...

Ah, now I've looked, I see your wife reads your blog, so I'd better not leave a comment for a day or two in case she looks at the blogs of those who leave comments...

I remember you telling Angry why 'afc 30K' though.

y.Wendy.y said...

Oh to dip my feet in the looks so peaceful. You had a marvellous break Z.

luckyzmom said...

I adore these photos, especially the beach and the first pink sunset one, but I love them all. Thanks for sharing them.

Z said...

You have all been SO NICE about my photos, which I kept showing you for days and days.

I couldn't help feeling that gorgeous sunsets would be worth moving to the West coast for.