Monday 15 January 2007

Regarding moderation...

...I'll drink to that!

No, no, I'm not to be distracted by such frivolity. I have taken your comments on board, as they say, and - as I am a Reasonable Woman and believe in making the first move (wouldn't you have guessed it, heh heh?) - I have turned off comment moderation. Under no circumstances will I go back to WV, however, so it may have to be haloscan or similar if I get spammed to total frustration.

If even one of you is inspired to turn off wv, my gesture will not have been in vain.


y.Wendy.y said...

I wonder why some bloggers get so much spam..I hardly ever got any when I used Blogger comments. Should I take this as an insult and be miffed?

The wv doesn't bother me too much - although it is a bit irritating when I am in a hurry and have to retype the wv. What annoys me more is all the security bollocks one has to go through and signing in to comment and then losing the comment. THAT is the pits! I want to have a large hissyfit.

Pat said...

I get about four viagra ads a day. Whether WV stops them getting in my comment box je'n sais pas!