Friday 5 January 2007

And first, I'm going to cut down that sycamore sapling

I have spent the last hour reading blogs. This is not a sensible use of my time when there is work to do, but a week spent not nosying into your lives has left me feeling that I've been left out of all the fun.

Several of you have been making New Year Resolutions. Or have resolved not to. There's only one resolution I'd really appreciate all Blogger bloggers making, and that is to moderate your comments before publishing, rather than go for word verification. WV is the most annoying thing imaginable, because, however carefully and accurately you type and check the letters, they are usually refused the first time.

As for me, I don't do resolutions because I don't set myself up to fail. But I will this time, because I think I'll do them all. Except possibly the last.

I. I will start building my wall. When the Sage has chosen the bricks at last, I will make a start. In fact, I'll have a friendly chat on the subject today.

2. I will take clarinet lessons again. The other day, I was listening to a Mozart trio and knew that, ten years ago, I could play that really well and now I could not attempt it. I didn't realise, although my teacher told me, that actually I became pretty good, especially if I was playing jazz or blues and Mozart. I also fancy playing the tenor saxophone (I can play Ro's alto sax, but it's heavy on my neck, whereas you can rest the tenor on your hip), but first things first.

3. I will carry on with broadening my musical range. I started last summer when I persuaded Ro to let me have some of the stuff he listens to - excitingly, my iTunes list now contains categories such as 'Alternative and Punk' and 'Electronic', which makes a good addition to the usual 'Classical' and 'Jazz'. Tom Lehrer is categorised as 'Folk', which would probably piss him off mightily.
I really will get to the Aldeburgh Festival this year. I've missed the last few years as I have to go on my own. The people I sometimes go to concerts with prefer more accessible music than is sometimes on offer at the Festival. I will go to hear a couple of pieces that I don't know at all (see 3) and may not like. I often find that music, of whatever type, that is hard to listen to at first is, in the end, the most worth getting to know.

4. I will (all being well) continue to be frivolous. People like me when I'm happy. I have noticed (and I'm sure it's the same for you too) that my mood affects my family. If I'm cheerful, it lightens them too.

5. This is more of a wish than a resolution... I'll get to London more. Again, it'll have to be on my own - unless I'm meeting my sister or daughter which is always a delight, of course. But I get more done on my own, I go to museums, exhibitions, and explore unknown streets. I love to walk in cities, it's the only way to get to know them. One is never lost for too long, there's always a clue to your whereabouts.


The Boy said...

Well, if you get to London and would like a spot of lunch, let me know. I have an ongoing resolution that one can never know too many interesting people.

Z said...

Really? I'd love that. And thank you for the implied compliment...

y.Wendy.y said...

I think your resolutions are more sort of 'goals' and they are very do-able.

Good list. Practical, except for being frivolous, which is, of course, mandatory.

Z said...

Oh gosh. Now they are goals, I'll have to do them. Resolutions are made to be broken.

Hah! Of course I'll do 'em.

BTW, you noticed I didn't have to succeed at anything, didn't you - 'start' building the wall. 'carry on', 'take lessons'. The barest minimum will count as success!