Tuesday 9 January 2007

The Crop Shop

It was so windy today. I put the shelf out this morning and started to arrange the crates underneath, on which go various veggie goodies to attract the customers. I had to chase them down the road. I found it was simplest to have baskets of vegetables ready to weight them down until I was ready to arrange the display.

I made an early start, so that Eileen didn't have all the fresh produce to put out before the customers started to come, as I had a meeting to go to and had to leave her alone for the morning. I was a little concerned that she would be rushed off her feet, but she said it had been all right; she was constantly busy but "the line of customers didn't reach the door". Most people take a basket (real ones, not wire) and wander round helping themselves until it is their turn to be served.

An uneventful day. We sold lots of root vegetables and cabbages. The weather made everyone think of stews and soups. We also sold salad stuff, as people want crunchy and colourful food too. I am always fond of young people and am vastly cheered when 20-somethings come and buy 'real' veg; swedes and carrots and sprouting broccoli. I have never known English purple sprouting to be this early - one can get a bit in the autumn for a week or two when plants that have gone early to seed are picked over before being rooted out, but normally it's a March/April delicacy.

Old Ron hovered around as usual in the afternoon, hoping for a lift home. He hobbles up on his walking frame to each car that parks in the road outside the shop and asks if the driver is going his way. He doesn't have too many takers; unfortunately he smells of wee, rather. Sooner or later, someone usually takes pity and good-naturedly takes him home. He occasionally buys a banana, but otherwise only comes into the shop to ask for a tissue. Yesterday, he needed help with the zip on his anorak.

The photo was not taken today; it was an autumnal scene, as you have probably noticed. You might also have observed that the doorway is not shown. The reason is that Al was standing in it and he is too modest to show his face to the Public.


badgerdaddy said...

Is that the Ron who had a hip operation but up until he did he cycled into Bungay every day?

He's a lovely fella, but yes, can be a bit ripe.

Girlplustwo said...

are those wee purple things potatoes? nothing says splendid like purple mashed potatoes.

it's like a fantasy.

and yes, Z, we have MOW here. sadly, i am not a deliver-er.

y.Wendy.y said...

Marvellous display....so much nicer than a boring old supermarket. But good golly Miss Molly....you have to put out all those veggies every morning? That's a lot of hard work.

Z said...

They are damsons, Jen. Purple potatoes are a bit advanced for Yagnub - the residents have only just accepted yellow courgettes and tomatoes.

That was a particularly splendid display, Wendz, and at present I'm not putting up the top shelf, but the three lower levels, yes. Al was very proud of all the local produce - all this was English and nearly all local, except the three things on the top shelf on the right.

The Boy said...

Our local farm shop does a smashing set of local and English veg, but its much more spread out an inside the shop. This is much more mouth watering.

Our local "Ron" still manages to keep his own Land Rover going and delivers everyone's eggs from his hens out back. I keep expecting to hear he's given it up, but like clockwork every second Saturday his car coughs up the drive and he totters to the door with our eggs.

Pat said...

One must be thankful it was the Zip on his anorak an not on his fly. I did five years in a hospice charity shop and too often one didn't have to sniff to smell the old wee on men's trousers.
The shop looks like a work of art. Bet you get a lot of fun setting out your wares.

Z said...

There are shelves in the shop too, but it is a small shop so 'spread out' is not quite the phrase. Putting everything out artistically is good when the weather is, but when it's blowing a gale or raining it is less of a pleasure.

Thank you for that thought, Pat. Ew.

Your Ron would hate to give up his hens, Boy. They are very cheering to be around.

How do we know said...

Zoe... this shop looks very pretty with all that fresh stuff around!
And its funny how you can tell the mood of an entire place, if you own a grocery store.. your guesses are so accurate, and so logical!!

One day, perhaps, i'll have perception like that! :-)

Z said...

You're always so sweet to me!