Sunday 21 January 2007

ABC tag. I don't know what happened to UVWXYZ. I think it is blatant letterism

A- Available or single? Neither
B- Best Friend? I’m not sure that I’ve ever had one, really. I’m closest to my family. I have a few friends from childhood, but I don’t see them often as we don’t live close to each other. I have good friends now, but not one ‘best’ friend
C- Cake or Pie? You want me to choose? Can’t I have both? Fish pie then
D- Drink of Choice? Strong black coffee, weak black tea (preferably Lapsang Souchong), red wine. Or mint tea, white wine, Lady Grey tea. Or gin and tonic, champagne, beer. Or draught Guinness, root ginger and honey in hot water, ice-cold water with a squeeze of lime juice. Or malt whisky – Laphroaig, or whiskey – Bushmills.
Right now, I’m drinking Lady Grey

E- Essential Item? My handbag. That makes me feel so middle-aged
F- Favorite Colour? I wanted an emerald. So the Sage bought me one. But my engagement ring is sapphire. Um. Blue
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? What, real worms? Or are they an alternative sweet? I like gummi bears, I have childish habits. I also like real worms, but would not care to eat one. Both chewy and gritty, I should think
H- Hometown? I live in mahsraE, a village near yagnuB (excuse the backspeak). I grew up in Lowestoft
I- Indulgence? A winter’s evening by the fire, with music and candles
J- January or February? January, so long as we have snow. If we don’t get snow until February, I reserve the right to change
K- Kids? Three, grown up
L- Life is incomplete without? Books, music and Radio 4. But if I had to choose, books
M- Marriage Date? 24th May 1973
N- Number of Siblings? One elder sister. She lives in Wiltshire and we visit each other when we can. Sometimes we meet in London. Sometimes, we even go on holiday together, which I think is a pretty Good Sign
O- Oranges or apples? Today, oranges. I squeezed two for breakfast
P- Phobias/Fears? Deep water. I am afraid of drowning. I’m not too good even in shallow water as I have to hold on to something if I’m out of my depth
Q- Favourite Quote? “She was small and delicately put together, but she looked durable.” The Big Sleep. Raymond Chandler
R- Reason to Smile? The sun shone today, the birds sang and I used my pruning saw
S- Season? I like all the seasons. I love to see things growing in spring, the new growth on the trees and the longer days. I love the English summer sun, which is just hot enough for me as long as I keep out of it directly, I love the smells of autumn and the ripeness. I enjoy crisp wintry weather and long evenings by the fire, dog on my lap
T- Tag three people! Ah. I need to check who hasn’t done this. Back later

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