Wednesday 24 January 2007

Z gets wrong* with her children

I went next door to return Dilly's glasses to her, which she had left in the drawing room. She only wears them to drive, so had not realised they were missing.

"Granny's in trouble" observed Al. Dilly laughed. "I gave Squiffany some orange juice out of a carton, which I diluted. She took one taste and handed it back, saying 'Me don't like this orange juice'."

Mine is freshly squeezed. I have turned my granddaughter into an orange juice snob.

On the other hand, it was a nicely constructed sentence; one grammatical error, but not an uncommon one in small children.

*An excellent Norfolkism. Pronounced 'gits raahng'.


Imperatrix said...

Ha! My mother's friend Inge (wife of the self-styled "Herman the German") is an OJ snob and gave my mother a juicer so she could be converted to the fresh-squeezed-OJ-every-day club.

It didn't work, so she passed the appliance on to me.
There is *nothing* like fresh-squeezed (although I use it mostly in cooking, for lemon juice).

irreverentmama said...

I was going to ask if you had a juicer.

My son gave me a manual one for Christmas one year, when he was about nine. Got it from the dollar store - so I know how much it cost! Still, it churned out a few glasses of juice before the novelty wore off.

(It wore off faster when I decided that HE could do the squishing. Which hadn't been the intent - I rather thought he'd enjoy it!)

Z said...

At breakfast time, I use an electric squeezer - hold the cut orange and the shaped plastic thingy turns. But it was in the dishwasher, hence the manual one. I don't have a juicer; I've often been tempted but some of them are a bastard to clean and if it were, I wouldn't use it more than twice.