Saturday 27 January 2007

Tonight's exciting installment. Who says Z doesn't do irony?

I'm drafting. I don't do drafting - what you poor bewildered darlings usually get are the Thoughts of Chairman Z in true rambling and random form - but I have several postsworth running concurrently and the least I can do is split them up a bit to make them coherent.

If you are lucky, I might get bored and delete the lot. If you are luckier still, you might be treated to a trio or more of deathless prose, wittily insightful and charmingly lighthearted. The most likely option of all is that I'll put up something rambling and marginally argumentative and you will be both indulgent and mildly irritated.

I don't do cliffhangers as well as Pi does, do I. Hmm. Do you do Hanging-by-your-Fingertip classes, Pi?


Girlplustwo said...

don't see yourself short on your cliffhanging ability - i recall quite the readership chomping at your party attire just a few days ago.

Z said...

Have you read Pi, though Jen? She is terrific. I'll add the link to the post, in the remote chance that there is anyone here who is not already a fan.

Pat said...

Thanks Z. I had a period a while back whenI was being (fondly) brerated for the cliff hangers. Then there was a dearth. Why? Because that's how it happened in real life and if I tell it like it is/was, that's how it comes out.

Z said...

We berate you only because we are so keen to know what happens next. Your stories are beautifully crafted and we all love reading about you.