Friday 19 January 2007

Today, I'm mostly being Granny

Dilly is planning a day with her sisters. They would like to have a good chat and to enjoy each other's company. Toddlers take most of the attention, especially if they are very happy to see their aunties.

No power cuts, some branches and part of a fence down, some broken glass in the greenhouses but the structures have survived. One ash tree has fallen on the field, but harmlessly.

The sun is shining today. I think we'll go for a walk. Maybe we'll call on friends. Perhaps we'll go on the swings. Go to see Daddy in the shop and maybe call at the café for a snack or lunch.

It'll all be delightful and relaxing and by this evening I will be entirely exhausted.


Pat said...

Enjoy. I wish some of mine were closer.

dharmabum said...

hello there!

i am completely taken by your profile when i was hopping thru blogs - ur life sounds just perfect and i am so very envious :)

i'm hoping i'll come down to norfolk (though it seems a lil far fetched as of now!) someday and see for myself all the beauty that i see through this blog.


Imperatrix said...

Spending the day with grandparents is a treat for the little ones! I was speaking to my niece the other day, and I told her I missed her. "I miss *Bonne-Maman*!"[my mother, her grandmother] she replied.

Out of the mouth of babes...

Hope you enjoyed your day.

The Boy said...

Ah, that sounds like a fine fine day

We seem to have come through unscathed as well.

Z said...

Thanks, we've had a good day.

Hello, Dhamabum, welcome, and thank you for your comment. I've not been to Pondicherry, though I've visited Chennai several times as I have friends there.

Call in when you come to Norfolk!

y.Wendy.y said...

Me tired too. I need a Granny tonight to make me some tea and toast and a hot water bottle.

Glad you had a good day. Exhausting being with little one, isn't it!

Z said...

:-( I never did have a Granny. Red wine will have to do, tonight. Hope tomorrow's better

Anonymous said...

if only every child had a Z. for a granny.

just imagine that.