Tuesday 23 January 2007

Ro is cooking sausages for himself, for Z and the Sage are partying!!(!)

Not knowing what to wear brought forth many sympathetic and encouraging comments, for which thank you.

I am wearing a rather old, but not that often worn (it is so elderly that, who knows, it may even be fashionable again soon), long, midnight-blue velvet skirt and a (I've been searching my brain for the colour, for purple, mauve and violet would not do, and I have it at last!) heliotrope silk top, which is sort of ruched so that it fits without being tight. It is sleeveless and has a sequined border. As you can see, I do not really have the vocabulary to describe clothes, they are not my forte.

I have gone rather more overboard on my jewellery, which is all gilden and diamondy, and am wearing my necklace and earrings that I bought in Chennai, which is alternate ruby and sapphire five-pointed flowers on a gold necklace. They are Sri Lanken rubies and sapphires and not good ones, it was not expensive, but it is pretty. I am sporting Perfume, which I rarely do, I usually sport the aroma of unadulterated Z.

Time to go, darlings.


Imperatrix said...

oooh, sounds like you found yourself a very nice outfit. I've always liked tops like you've described. I once tried on a dress like that, and I felt like a Roman goddess (I had long, permed hair at the time, to boot).

Have fun and let your Rogue side out!

Chairwoman of the bored said...

Well I'm sure you look very glamourous, and I hope you have a lovely time. It's always a pleasure to go out with a man wearing a dinner jacket.

Sri Lanken sapphires are a lovely colour, I wish you would take a photo of the jewellery so that I can ooh and ah over it :-)

As for perfume, I use it all the time. I have made Katy promise that should I become ill or senile, or a combination of the two, she will come and perfume me every day.

Jane said...

Have a lovely time, I'm sure you will. Your outfit sounds marvellous.

Greg said...

Sounds like you look terrific. I suppose a plea for pictures would fall on deaf ears, wouldn't it?

Have a great time. Party on!!

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely.

a full report, love. it's expected.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. I exhale.

This is like reading a delicious slice of life in balance.

Splendid. Keep sharing. You soothe so.


Pat said...

Go Gurl and knock 'em dead with your bezazz!

The Boy said...

So, did we enjoy ourselves?