Wednesday 10 January 2007

Psst - Never mind the apples and pears, 'ere's a lovely lot of mangoes going cheap

I have just poured my third glass of wine*. I know that I've already drunk a comfortable amount, given that I'm quite tired.

I am going to drink the third glass. Fortunately, such an amount will make me splendidly relaxed, but will not have any morning-after effects.

Today went fine, except that I monumentally cocked up the till at the end of the day. I had to correct an error (a really silly one; I'd put in £1.09 and 85p without pressing the 'enter' button between, so a poor chap looked as if he had to pay a total of £114-something) and do a 'pay-out' of Eileen's wages. I thought I knew what to do, but I was wrong and everything just kept adding on...Al will take it in his stride, just uttering a shrugging 'Bof' or 'Pfft' as he perambulates.

I have also had my hair cut. The Sage minded** the shop while I was gone. He does not trust the till at all, so had all his takings written down for me to put in to the till. Have I ever mentioned that he is older than me***, and even more set in his ways?****

Jason from one of the wholesalers rang this morning. I was quite excited, for he had Special Offers to proffer. I said 'Yes!', for that is the kind of girl I am. I really hope there are a lot of people around in Yagnub tomorrow, as I have bought all sorts of things. I've not taken a chance on everything though: most of them are extremely good value and I will reduce prices and still make a Fat Profit. I am mindful that, this week, I need to pay for Al's holiday.

There were quite a lot of lovely ripe plum tomatoes that were going a bit at the stalk end - good but unsaleable. I cooked red onions, red pepper, red chilli, red tomatoes and (green) parsley and served it with lamb chops, baked potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. And, as I might have mentioned before, red wine.

Finished the wine, time to get to work*****

*I don't mention the size of the glass

**that looks wrong but isn't - 'mound' is another word entirely

***Whole lots, for he is a Pensioner

****I am not set in my ways at all, and he hardly is, except that he will not go on holiday so I have to go alone

*****Looking up stuff on Bonhams (the auctioneers) website, Lot 12. This counts as work in our business


Anonymous said...

Figurines like that make me nervous-so easy to accidentally tip over. Best to stay away from after 3 glasses of wine. It is quite beautiful and if you have the successful bit I hope you make a wonderful profit at resale. Check out the jewellery section--lots of delectable little pretties!

y.Wendy.y said...

So Sage NEVER goes away? Does he take any breaks at all? Oh wow..I do like to get away from time to time.

Oh yes - who is the Alex who says 'bof!' and 'pfft!'...'bof' is very French.

Z said...

We don't buy to resell, Martina, only to keep, and we don't want this for ourselves; a museum might be interested and the Sage is a Trustee.

I was far too much in work mode - I never even glanced at the rest of the catalogue!

Z said...

He hasn't spent a night away from home for years, Wendz. In the end I had to accept that he doesn't want to and now I go away without him.

Whoops, I meant Al, of course. Blast, his cover blown. He used to speak French fluently and started (didn't finish!) a French degree at university. I think 'Bof' is all that's left!

Betty said...

I have tagged you!

The Boy said...

One day I will arrange my life so that on the way home I can see what specials are on at the farm shop and cook a meal accordingly. Sounds a lovely meal.

Buying for a museum, what fun!

y.Wendy.y said...

Ha ha ha - I thought it was him...easy to blow covers if one is not thinking....pity he has lost his French though....I've lost most of my Spanish..also used to be fluent...but can't quite summon up the energy to tackle it again - French taxes me enough as it is!

Z said...

Welcome, Betty. Right-oh, I'll have a go. Give me a day or two though, my mind's going right now.

Impulse food shopping for what is seasonal and good quality always is a pleasure isn't it. Buying for a museum is fun, buying for oneself is even better...

Al, Alex, not a lot of difference. To start with, I gave them all different names, but I soon gave that up. Only Dilly and Phil. And the Sage, of course, but anyone who has seen our website knows his name.

Al may, actually, still speak good French, I wouldn't know, I haven't been to France with him since he was in his teens. And he wouldn't tell me, either way.

Pat said...

Glass sizes do vary. A friend and I had a phase when we had just the one (tumbler size but it did have a stem.)

Z said...

Mine's a big one, Pat...