Monday 8 January 2007

I waited until after midnight and thwarted Blogger!

Hah! Pictures!

At last I took photos of the papier maché crib figures made for the village church by Year 4 at the village school. They are quite large - the standing figures are about knee high. They can stay up until Candlemas, whatever and whenever that is. I've a feeling it is sometime in February.

I particularly like the shepherd (middle figure, right of the angel). He looks as if he has swigged a few deep draughts from his hipflask. Jesus also has a beatific smile on his face. Joseph (bottom right) has amazing boggle eyes that come just above his head band.

These animals are an ox, an ass and a sheep. They are almost identical, but the clue is in the ears.

Yesterday was the Feast of the Epiphany, when the Magi turned up with their highly symbolic but useless presents. Well, apart from the gold. That would have come in handy on the Flight Into Egypt

Jesus did have a manger, but he broke it so he has to sleep in a box lid. He is not at all tired at present and nor is Mary, who looks wide eyed and startled. It is a wonderful and funny crib and makes me smile every time I see it.


Anonymous said...

That nativity set is more precious than any fancy schmancy Italian porcelain set. Brings a huge smile to my face.
Good luck with your greengrocer duty and may none of the customers be cranky.

The Boy said...

Very nice, do they do a new one every year, or is this a roll over set?

y.Wendy.y said...

Love Mary's google eyes..she looks horrified at what's happened to her.

Now here's a question....a nosy said on Mr Angry's blog you'd hate your 'other' blog to be discovered! Oh ho my darlin' girl...ho ho ho....are a naughty then?


Pat said...

Congrats on the pics. I still feel it's miraculous when it works. Re Twelfth Night I was amazed coming back from Cardiff to see all the decorations and lights still on show.
Enjoy the shop - it can be fun as my old partner used to say -except for the bloody customers. That brings a tear to my eye as I had a letter today to say she died on New Year's Eve.

Z said...

They made it as a one-off art project in autumn 05. Fortunately we have a good boarded-out roofspace above the church rooms as storage would be a problem otherwise.

Wendz, if I were naughty, how likely would I be to blog about it?

Pat darling, I'm so sorry about your partner. Your mind must be full of memories today.

Fortunately, our customers are lovely. People seem to love buying their fruit and veg in an old-fashioned shop and we are friendly and chatty.

How do we know said...

Hey Zoe.. these are lovely!!
And Good Luck with the Shop duty!!
Chatty Zoe.. does that mean that there might be less chatting here? :-(

Z said...

Probably not, but it might be late and rambling and just a shade incoherent by the end of the week. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you, but it may interest me more than anyone else.