Sunday 7 January 2007

I tried to catch the last post, but Blogger would not oblige

I wrote you a nice little post this afternoon, with pictures and Blogger wouldn't take them. Not directly, not via Photobucket, not even one at a time. It still won't tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

This evening, Ro and I went to the cinema! To Pan's Labyrinth, (el Laberinto del Fauno) a Spanish film set in 1944, after Franco's victory and directed by Guillermo del Toro. It was well done, but I'd check it out on iMDb or something before seeing it as it was a trifle unusual. Brutal Fascist captain, guerilla fighters, little girl in a strange labyrinth on a quest. The monster with eyes in his hands was splendid.

From tomorrow, I'll be running Al's shop for him as he and the family will be on holiday for a week. It will be a great pleasure and absolutely knackering. He has left a note for his deliverers, asking them not to put the heaviest boxes, of oranges and bananas and the like, on the top shelf as I am not very big.


Girlplustwo said...

i'd love to be a shopkeeper's helper...

i hear that movie is fantastic. woohoo. can't wait.

Z said...

Wear warm clothes and come and join me, Jen - the door is open all day.

Fantastic it is - interesting and horrifying, particularly when you think of how recently Spain still was ruled by General Franco. The actors were all good and particularly the little girl.