Saturday 20 January 2007

I spoil the Sage

He's had fun this evening.

You wouldn't think a stand-up real-life auctioneer-for-forty-years would like eBay so much, would you.

I even paid.


Greg said...

Inside every grown man is a little boy. Often not far below the surface!

Z said...

That's what is so endearing, Stegbeetle. They bring out the maternal spirit in me.

How do we know said...

Zoe: Whats ur email id please? Will now send u that email.. :-)

Z said... (it's on my profile page)

y.Wendy.y said...

I love the thrill of an eBay auction...but what may you have unleashed there?

Lovely post below Z. Your Mom was quite the girl.

Z said...

Yeah, he's bidding on another piece now. I'm holding him back, not letting him bid again until nearer the end. He has to do what I say, because he can't work the computer! Heh heh.