Tuesday 14 March 2006

Unrepentant slider

A friend has accused me of being proud of leading daughter astray. Well, unrepentant certainly – what am I for nowadays? I nurtured them all lovingly until they were eighteen and now I can relax. Sometimes I need their support and sometimes they need mine; I need them anyway, but it’s not necessary to cling. I enjoy their independence.

When my youngest was approaching eighteen I planned to take up a new vice to celebrate the newly irresponsible years. Smoking seemed the most appropriate, for various reasons, but then I had a really nasty chest infection and it put me off. I already drink as much as I can possibly take (I am perfectly convinced that this is fine as long as it isn’t in secret and I don’t actually fall over or need, as distinct from want, alcohol). So it left gambling. I’ve been to the races but I couldn’t be bothered to actually bet. I didn’t care enough. I really like poker, but you need people to play it with. And I’m no fonder of winning than of losing.

So leading my children astray is a start at least. But it still leaves me with a naughty gap in my life, preferably to be filled with something that won’t damage anyone else. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Pat said...

Hi Z! It was the reverse with me. My NO 1 got me started on blogging - reading that is He was quite surprised when I started writing, but very supportive.
I'm sure with your daughter it will bring you even closer.
Re drink - it's 12.15 and having cleaned the bathroom and loo am off for a glass of champers because today is my birthday - don't ask!

Z said...

dw - but I never fart. I've got one though - blogging.

pi - happy day! I'll raise a glass to you tonight.