Friday 10 March 2006

Gargling with champagne

Elder son, the greengrocer, has lost his voice. This is not good news as customers will insist on being friendly and chatting or asking questions. Furthermore his assistant had to take this morning off for a hospital appointment and Friday is a busy day.

Good old mum. Until 11 o’clock that is when I had to leave for a meeting. I can talk audibly now but regrettably don’t sound in the least like Fenella Fielding, just as if I’d be better home in bed. I haven’t spoken to him since, but there’s not much point as he won’t be able to answer me. However, he has the luxury of two assistants on Saturday morning, which counts as Staff, so with luck his larynx will improve a bit.

Driving through town I stopped to let a car across the road, as there was a steady stream of traffic my way and a queue behind him. He flashed his lights to thank me, which isn’t unusual and so did the driver behind him, which is. Aren’t people nice? That little unnecessary courtesy kept me smiling for some time.

And smiling more this evening as my husband, the Sage, has in the last few days has had really good stuff coming in for our next auction in May. Such goodies, how will we bear to sell them? We will of course, it’s privilege enough to handle them and be entrusted with their sale and you can’t buy the stock; that would be greedy. Like a small shop competing with supermarkets, we gain customers, buyers and sellers, by personal contact and deep knowledge and love of the items we sell.
And a really low rate of commission, let’s be frank.
And we pay out quickly after the sale.

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