Saturday 18 March 2006

Sagacity slips

I’m tidying my study. Correction: I’m having a break from tidying my study. Not the papers, they aren’t too bad, by my standards. I enjoy being untidy and disorganised, but not chaotic. For example, I tried a filing cabinet, but couldn’t be bothered to put things back, each in its neat little place, so now I use box files as each one can be untidy but I can still find things. This slips of course sometimes and so I also use vertical filing. The Sage believes in open filing but that takes up more room; i.e. he spreads his stuff out and I pile mine up.

The reason for this unaccustomed descent into order is that I should be typing the catalogue but we lost the lot numbers. I say ‘we’ out of kindness because, after much searching, which turned into the aforementioned tidying, they were found by the Sage in a place of such bewildering obscurity that only he could have thought of it. Having squirreled them away, it’s even more impressive that he ever found them again. But now he’s sticking them all on happily so when I’ve shoved the last few things somewhere I’ll start work.

And, if you notice the time this was posted and think I work late, I wrote it earlier and then forgot to put it up.

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