Wednesday 22 March 2006

Really Me!

An excellent day, after we had overcome some vissicitudes because some twit forgot to leave a gate unlocked so that a couple of dozen cars were left stranded on Norwich's scary ring road for half an hour.

But now it seems that the much-valued vendor I mentioned the other evening has not quite been finished with. I'm not sure what happened, but having spent a strenuous couple of hours altering the catalogue, somehow I can't find the changes. I must have saved it as something else. I'm too tired tonight and will sort it tomorrow.

The air has been violently blue here this evening; I don't often swear in front of (and never, never at) the Sage, whose worst term of annoyance is 'Really Me'; but I have made exception and he didn't even look shocked but entirely concurred.

Never again will I rely on anyone else unless I know for sure that he or she is entirely reliable. My own fault, I should have triple checked from the start.

I'm now on draft 6a (version 8) of the parish profile. Which will probably be rejected by the parish reps and I will have to rewrite in in a couple of weeks. That's fine, they've every right and I will hardly grumble at all.

Haven't heard the news at all today, is there more tax on alcohol? If there is, I WILL PAY IT.


After 10 o'clock news.

No change on tax for spirits, champagne or cider. That's us sorted then.

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