Monday 20 March 2006

It's Monday. Again.

The day is not going too well. I’ve got a list (a mental list) of things to do before I go away on Saturday and extras keep adding themselves while obstructions occur to blight my chances of achieving anything at all.

For example, I tried to book a Venice card this morning and all went swimmingly until the time came for me to pay, when up popped a page of unusable javascript instead of the form that should be there. I did the whole thing again with the same result. Now, if the problem had occurred at the start, at least I wouldn’t have wasted time filling in the rest of the forms.

And the Aga was serviced this morning; no problem there except that meant that after a weekend’s hard cooking I had to clean the kitchen first thing instead of after the office work was done. The floor was in no condition to be knelt on, poor chap would still be stuck to it. There is, of course, a good side to that: I’ve done it and won’t have to later.

Even the printer wouldn’t work this morning. Up came one of those annoying unhelpful comments telling me the number of the problem, which gives no indication of what to do about it. Fortunately I have been well advised by IT Son Ro and so tried turning the printer off and on. No success so I went in with all guns blazing, turned it back off and Restarted The Computer. This, thank goodness, did the trick so I hastily printed off everything I might conceivably want in case it is just a foretaste of a dire future blockage.
The only thing stopping me from replacing my ancient printer is that I bought, accidentally, an awful lot of ink cartridges a few months ago (got trigger happy online at Viking) and it’ll take me several more months to use them up. It is about 8 years old though and prints blue lines across the first page each time you use it, but that was my fault for carelessly dropping a pin in its innards a couple of years ago.

No one is in whom I have rung so now I am wondering whether to go shopping now or later, because assuredly they will ring back when I am out.

I’m away on Tuesday and Wednesday, two separate trips to London and so this restricts my useful working time to three days? Can it all be done? Probably not. But anything I drop, I’ll regret later.

And a nail just broke. I wasn’t doing anything at all and I feel aggrieved.

I’ll have an early lunch, do the shopping and return to my desk at 2, calm and serene.

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