Wednesday 1 March 2006

Out in the cold

Hardly any snow though it's bitterly cold. I have my new car now; my husband went to give a lift to the couple we've bought it from from their home to the garage and brought it back; then I went with him to fetch his car left in their drive. We each had things to do separately but I found myself doorkeyless when I arrived home so I had to wait nearly an hour for him to let me in. I spent some time reading the manual of the new car and couldn't find the CD changer anywhere. Or rather, where it goes. It says there is a sliding panel but not where and I feel a fool, having searched the car fruitlessly. The book describes the whereabouts of everything else, even if it's glaringly obvious, but not the discreetly hidden.

Now I've got it I can't drive it until Friday as that's when the insurance changes, there wasn't any point in cancelling the other policy with a couple of days to go. I meanly put in £5worth of petrol into the old one; I don't have to go far tomorrow and I don't want to sell it with a full tank. That does sound parsimonious and it's small defence to say that there was probably a gallon in there already but I also didn't want it right on the red. The really shocking thing is that £5 buys only 5.5 litres which is about a gallon and a quarter. Pricing it by the litre does disguise the cost and over £4 per gallon would appal people.

Grandbaby came through to be looked after this morning while her mummy and daddy went to hospital. Daughter-in-law Dilly had an appointment for a scan; they are expecting another baby in September. Babe's latest accomplishment is to stack bricks one on top of each other; she's not quite had the co-ordination before although she's been practising. She expects, and receives, applause for this accomplishment and joins in enthusiastically. She and Tilly the dog are at ease with each other now; Dilly was concerned about hygiene to start with so we kept them apart, but now she crawls and puts everything in her mouth, cuddling a dog too will be a further boost to her immune system.

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