Thursday 23 March 2006

The Sage razored

I think I need a holiday. Fortunate I'm getting one. I snapped at beloved Husband today - apologised moments afterwards - explained why he was wrong (well........) but it was just the extreme frustration of the morning that make me crack for a moment.

I had an appointment at the university in Norwich this morning. This went well and I trotted off to the car park, where it took me 10 minutes to find my car. You do feel silly, trawling up and down the rows looking for it. I needed to buy numbers to change the lots that our vendor (who is a very nice man of course, I wouldn't want anyone to think I have a personal vendetta here) had got wrong. I spent an hour and a half and went to 3 large stores, 2 of them stationery & office suppliers. I could have bought white on black, white on blue, black on gold, tiny numbers, huge numbers, any useful size of letters, but basic 1-100 sheets of numbers that can be seen from 10 feet away but are not so huge as to obscure the pattern on a piece of china were nowhere to be seen.

In the end I bought plain white sticky labels and will write the numbers on myself.

But most of the morning and about 15 extra miles were wasted, all for a 99p pack of sticky paper.

I arrived home at 11.40 and went straight out again to deliver Meals on Wheels and when I came back again the Sage said we would leave the photography for the website until after my holiday. I said I'd rather do it now as I will have new stuff to do by then, he, oh poor dear, he didn't realise I was on the edge and, I can hardly bear to say it. He started to argue.

He stopped arguing pretty soon.

The photos will be taken this afternoon.

I've conciliatorarily said that I'll ask Lynn who does the website not to post the catalogue until the printed ones are ready to be posted too. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm unreasonable or anything.

The sun is shining and I've taken a long lunchtime.

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