Monday 20 March 2006

- No knickers

The day hasn’t finished with me yet. I found out at half past 9 that I’ve been sent, and duly catalogued, a list of 40 lots, but that they were in the wrong order. So I’ve had to match up photos with descriptions and cut and paste them into the correct order. Then do the same thing with the condition report. Not one piece matched its apparent number.

I phoned the vendor. He was bemused and didn’t know what I meant. Eventually, after much careful explanation, I could hear his brain clear: ‘I know what I did’ he said. ‘I sent you the old list, I’ve updated mine.’

Before I started the work I went to put on the washing machine. It wasn’t working, the previous load had stopped with 35 minutes to go. Fortunately Ro isn’t only good with computers and he discovered that the filter was blocked. And unblocked it for me. A good thing too, as otherwise I’d have had a pile of handwashing to do tonight as well, since I hope to have some clothes to wear tomorrow. The most essential can dry on the Aga overnight, I love my Aga.

I’ve made myself a pot of strong coffee. If it keeps me awake all night, that’ll be useful.

There’s one good thing, if this is to be the most frustrating day of the year, it’s nearly over. But I’m taking no chances, I’ll leave at least an hour for the 25 minute journey to the station tomorrow. The colleague I’m going with (who will have boarded the train at an earlier station) has my ticket, so if I’m late I will have to pay again. And the last time I should have travelled with him there was a road accident which delayed me so that I did miss the train – puffed onto the platform as it glided out.

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