Thursday 10 September 2009

Z has been made much of and is sleepy as a consequence

Ooh, birthdays should come more than once a year, although I suppose one has to be the Queen or Paddington Bear. I have been properly pampered and am slightly worse for wear - only slightly, because I'm not correcting typos as I type; that necessity being an ominous sign of non-sobriety.

Seriously, I wonder what teetotallers do to let their hair down? I don't doubt that they can and do, I'm just not sure how.

My internet connection is dreadfully slow tonight, after several weeks of being very well-behaved. Maybe everyone else is blogging at this very minute.

Um. I'm quite relaxedly cheerful and not capable of coherent thought. I'm due in a music lesson tomorrow, where the pupils will be invited to start work on an arrangement of Coldplay's 'Clocks' or the Kaiser Chiefs' 'I predict a riot'. Yes indeed. Neither of them a favourite of mine. I am sorry to have moved away from Cameo's 'Word Up', which I like. Anyway, I'm off for a bath. I've new stuff to use, including a fabulously soft and long bathrobe and I am too tired to type more.

Oh, when you've got something stuck in your throat, it's true that dry bread takes it down, even if it hurts to swallow. My throat is still sore, but recognisably as an after-effect, not because something's still there.

Goodnight, darlings, You are lovely.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear you had a lovely day. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear you had a lovely day. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear you had a lovely day. Happy birthday!

I, Like The View said...

you are lovely


Sir Bruin said...

Not a fan of the Kaiser Chiefs? As modern bands go, they are rather good. I still prefer the old prog rock stuff though. Much to the disgust of the Smaller Bear, I might add.

Z said...

I wasn't near half as drunk as I sounded, I really was tired.

Well, Sir B, I like the intro at any rate, but I'm bored well before the end. Better than 'Clocks' though.

Ro's lent me a whole lot of music that I'm going to start ploughing into later. 11 bands, only 4 of which I've heard of. Splendid. It's a great mark of favour to be introduced to music by Ro and sometimes it's necessary to put in some work before fully appreciating it.

Sarah said...

i should ask Dave what he does to let his hair down! I'm with you tho' nothing like a glass or two with friends.

My daughter is constantly 'burning' cd's for me to play in the car, lest I become dull and boring in my old age!

Gia Fernandes said...

Belated birthday wishes Z! Sounds like a lovely day. Take care.

Dandelion said...

I was worried about that carrot. So glad to hear it's resolved itself.

My mum is teetotal, and she lets her hair down by dancing to upbeat music on the ipod, or music-hall classics on the pianola. And by having a fit of the giggles about awful things.

Dave said...

Well, if one had hair to let down...

Z said...

But Dand, I'd have to have had a drink first before I'd do any of those things. Hello, Dave - that's a lame excuse and you know it.

Ro rather thinks I should be boring actually and it took a lot of persuasion before he gave me any music in the first place a few years ago.

Thanks, Cc

lom said...

Happy birthday Z

heybartender said...

Belated wishes, etc. etc. What new stuff did you get from Ro? Just curious.

Z said...

Thanks again, darlings.

Your recommendations have done so much to raise my musical prestige with Ro, Julie. Thanks to you, he has some trust in my judgement!

He's gone a bit World Music recently - albums from

Amadou and Mariam
Elliott Smith (actually, I had heard of him - when he died, I'm afraid, I didn't know his music)
Fever Ray
Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band
The Mountain Goats and Kaki King
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Tom Waits
The Week that Was
Wolf Parade

sablonneuse said...

Sounds as though the birthday went well - just enough booze to know that you've had some without a raging hangover afterwards: that seems about right! All the same, it was very noble of you to blog about it so soon after.

Z said...

It was, rather, wasn't it? ;-)