Friday 11 September 2009

Friday already?

I've been thinking it's Monday all day. I guess it's because I was in school first thing this morning for a couple of hours, so it feels like the beginning of the week. I arrived home to find a present and letter from a friend - we were at school together and, although I've re-met some people from school in the past few years, she's the only one I've kept up with all this time. Her birthday is a fortnight after mine. We've been pretty poor correspondents the last couple of years, so I didn't know she's had a pretty rubbish summer in one way and another. I've sometimes wondered whether to tell her about this blog so that she can, if she wants, keep up with what's happening to me, but I hesitate. It would feel a bit odd. I make no secret, though nor do I talk openly, about this blog; a couple of people have asked its name and others have asked about blogging - they find it particularly peculiar that I've met fellow bloggers by way of it. Whereas we, of course, know that this is perfectly sensible and simply friendly. Anyway, I don't think I'll volunteer the information to Lynn at this stage,

Tomorrow, I shall load my bike in the car and drive to Norwich for the annual Churches Trust cycle ride/walk. Last year, I walked round Norwich and went to some fabulous churches - one doesn't have to have a religion or it to be Christianity, to appreciate a church, temple or any religious building for its beauty and history. The most stunningly powerful in its sense of goodness (really, I'm not in the least sensitive to atmosphere normally but that one almost took my breath away) was the Quaker meeting hall, the most fascinating historically was a little church I'd never noticed, where French refugees from the Revolution worshipped, and the most interesting was an octagonal Nonconformist chapel. This year, either Weeza and I will bike round Norwich or, if Phil wants to join us, we'll put Zerlina in her bike trailer and go round the villages near them. It's a sponsored thing, but I'm not one to look for sponsors so I'll simply send a cheque myself to the charity. Before going, I'll go and get the village church ready - there's a rota of people manning it all day to greet cyclists and offer them drinks and use of the loo - but I'll unlock the kitchen and put the paperwork out. Conveniently, we're lending various things - cafétières, cups and saucers and so on - this weekend so I can put things ready for collection and return.


Dave said...

Nice day for it, anyway.

sablonneuse said...

Hope the weather is as good for you there as it is promised to be here: sunshine and a slight breeze. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Z said...

Beautiful weather, just right.

The Sage has just gone out for fish and chips. For medicinal/restorative purposes, you understand.