Thursday 3 September 2009

The Sage surprises Z

Weeza phoned a while ago. I had been going to ring her and offer to go over to see her and Zerlina, but she felt like being out of the house, so they're coming here. She said the ambulance men said that baby teeth can't be put back, and she afterwards looked on the internet and confirmed it - I'm not sure if it's theoretically possible, but it's not worth the difficulty of the operation and the risk of infection and it just isn't done. Little z was toddling across the room in her wobbly manner, lost balance as usual but toppled forwards instead of backwards. As to how the other teeth grow and the implications for second teeth positioning in a few years, we'll have to wait and see. And get to know a good orthodontist if necessary!

Anyway, I didn't sleep much last night. I went to sleep all right, resolutely thinking of something else, but woke up just after 1 o'clock and couldn't get off again. My mind wasn't dwelling on it too much, but only by thinking of other things which just made my brain over-stimulated. Eventually, I got up, read blogs (at last caught up on the backlog from while I was away with Wink) and had a conversation in comments and emails with Dandelion, who was awake too. Then I went and read, cuddling Tilly the while, and eventually slept on the sofa for a couple of hours, not waking until 8 o'clock.

And enough of that. We'll put it behind us and move on.

In yesterday's post, the Sage received a disc containing photos of china, so I put it on the computer and set up a slide show - "look, you just have to touch this arrow to move on or this one to move back". He's waiting for an email and kept asking me to check if it had arrived. "You wish you could use a computer, don't you?" I asked. "Maybe it's time to learn". "I'd have to have my own computer though," he agreed. Well my word. I never thought I'd hear those words from my beloved's lips. Isn't it great when someone can carry on surprising you? Anyway, it seems he rather hankers after a laptop and taking actual lessons in using it. I think he might as well get a pc, as that will simplify matters for finding someone to teach him, and also he'll be able to have things I don't - for example, Publisher, which Weeza uses for our catalogues.


Earthenwitch said...

A computer each sounds very civilised, in my view, and would probably greatly reduce the chances of open warfare (or is that just me and Quercus? ;)).

Hope Zerlina has a lovely day, and perhaps arnica would help with any bruising?

Z said...

When Ro first got bought a computer, when he was doing GCSEs, and broadband wasn't available here yet, we had his own phone line installed so that he and his father wouldn't be infuriated with each other when one wanted the phone and the other the internet. In my book, look where conflict might arise and skirt round it before it happens. Anyway, a laptop would be useful, but I can't possibly justify buying one for me.

Weeza and z are here now (just saying hello to cousins next door) and she's perfectly happy. No bruising at all in fact, you'd never know unless you inspected her top gum. Which I haven't. Too disturbing.

Didn't know you knew Dandelion, btw.

Dandelion said...

Neither did I! I'm really hoping s/he used to be at one time a different kind of witch that I did know, but that's my best guess.

I do a little sideline in giving individual computer lessons to senior citizens, but I don't do macs.

I'm glad they are coming over so you can all be together.

Z said...

I don't think we'll get him a Mac - individual lessons would be great but we live more than 100 miles apart. Actually, I think he just wants to learn to use the internet!

Yes, she changed her name, she's the one you have in mind.

Dandelion said...

I know! I thought she'd disappeared. It's great to have you back, EW.

Well I do an informal phone help-desk for my mum on the computer front, so if he wants any help that way, it's an option.

Earthenwitch said...

How did I give away that I 'know' Dandelion? I'm all confusticated now. But yes - I was that other sort of witch, so no sinister stalkiness. :)

Oh, how I love laptops. They do away with at least some of the hideousness of technology, apart from anything, and that always gets my vote.

Dandelion said...

Commenting on my blog could have been a clue.

I vote for a laptop too. They allow for more posture variation, which is good, plus you can take them to bed. I really want them to make a waterproof one that can come in the bath with me.

Dandelion said...

Though actually, I was talking to a man at a conference a few years ago who is working on the development of computer-screen eye-implants. Or maybe it was glasses. I can't remember, but I know I want it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the tooth business has settled down for z.

Would a 'netbook' be a good start for the Sage?

Dandelion, you could go!ogle for 'tough books'.

Z said...

'Scuse me, Dand, the only laptop the Sage is taking to bed is me.

Blue Witch said...

I'd vote for the netbook idea too. Light, very portable, comparatively cheap (less than £250 if you shop around - 3 years warranty thrown in if you wait until Aldi do them again - must be soon), equally powerful to a laptop (depending on what you get)... but you do need an external CD drive to load extra software (but no doubt Ro could sort that). Also they run XP which is a huge bonus for a new computer-er cf Vista (although Windows 7 will be along in a few weeks which may restore some semblance of sense to computing).

Z said...

Their very small size is the only thing against them - I think he'd want a separate screen, which makes it a bit silly. Unless he used the tv of course, in which case I'd get fed up if I wanted to watch television. Minor irritations are things to be avoided at all times.

Blue Witch said...

I have appalling eyesight and the screen is just fine for me.

In fact, because they are so small and so light, one tends to use them differently to a laptop anyway.

Z said...

I've never actually seen one in the flesh, as it were - the Sage and I'll have to have a look.