Sunday 27 September 2009


There were some 70 people in church today,more than the last few Harvest Festivals, so that was good. There was a short formal service first, then coffee, breakfast, newspapers and things for the children to do, and then an informal session in the church to finish up. What was particularly a pleasure to me was that there were all ages from small children, teenagers and adults right up to several wheelchair-bound ladies and a gentleman from the village old people's home. It all made for a cheerful and friendly atmosphere and there were a lot of gifts brought for the village schoolchildren to take to the homes of retired people tomorrow (they are invited to ask for this and it's a simple act of friendship). Of course, the children don't go alone.

In the afternoon, Weeza and family, with Ro, came over, and so did Dilly's parents and sister with her sons for Pugsley's birthday party. He won't be 3 until Tuesday and we'll celebrate again then, but several of us will be at work or school then. Pugsley was happily excited and all the children were lovely together. Squiffany organised the boys, as girls do, but none of them minded. Dilly and Al had made a splendid Spiderman cake as well as Shrek's swamp made mainly of green jelly and chocolate mousse.

The catalogue for our next sale is up on the website (link in the sidebar) though it's not been proofread yet and I know there's at least one correction to make. The cat near the end is the star lot.


Dave said...

It's a genuine cat-alogue then?

Z said...

Booom boom, Dave. You are marvellous.

Sarah said...

Aaahhh Sunday's

Z said...

Cosy, isn't it?

Sheer Almshouse said...

Great news Z!

Church is a haven for all and should be. Happy you had such a good turnout.

I am back in church...and guess which one? The Church of England. My mother is grinning at this because she couldnt get me to go to an Anglican church in Jamaica and now I am feeling at home in one in the Middle East. Ironic.