Monday 21 September 2009

Bringing on the wall, Day 28 - Dave keeps his feet on the ground, but the Swiss rolls

Dave put in the last ornamental brick on the side of the wall we hope to finish this autumn, and I continued round the corner, building up towards the pillar. I can't go higher than 9 courses until I know where the first ornamental brick will go on that side, so I'll do another section next time.

This is my bit
And here is Dave's
Sorry the pictures only show the small sections we were working on. Next time, Dave will go back to building the pillar and I'll fill in between the bit he was doing today and the pillar at the end of the wall. After that, there are a couple of final courses to do along most of the wall, and then we can finish with the capping. We need to do that before the frosty weather, as if we leave it over the winter it'll have to all be protected from winter frosts and rain getting into and damaging the unprotected brickwork.

Feeling quite cheery and cookery-minded this morning, I decided to make a cake. Of course, Dave watches his waistline (well, as do all the girls too, trim and fit as he is) so I made a fat-free sponge cake; a swiss roll to be filled with homemade strawberry jam. I'd just put the sugar in a bowl and cracked into it several eggs when Weeza arrived. We hadn't known she was coming this morning, so it was a lovely surprise. I'd just made myself a pot of coffee so poured her a cup and then went back to my cake.

After we'd finished bricklaying, I made tea in my best teapot and took it out to the lawn with the cake, which Dave judged to be quite edible. Certainly, the bantams were quite happy with their slice and wiped their beaks neatly afterwards on the grass.

This evening, I babysat next door while Al and Dilly were at the bee society. The phone rang. It was the heating engineer who's been installing the new boiler at the downstairs London flat. He and the tenant have fallen out somewhat and he wanted to get his point of view over to me. When I came home, I had an email from my tenant. I feel a bit helpless and could only say soothing things all round, but it has driven me to chocolate. Two squares. Yes, you heard me - two entire squares.

When I go to have a bath, I shall light a soothing scented candle.

I've got a horrid feeling that I or the Sage will have to go and see to it ourselves.


martina said...

Of course that would drive anyone to chocolate! Hope it was some delectable Belgian chocolate.
The wall is looking splendid. What an excellent job by all of you. How long a brick wall are you building?

Z said...

It's excellent English plain chocolate flavoured with orange and geranium, made by Montezuma's of Sussex.

The wall will be about 100 feet long in all, and this year we hope to complete two thirds of it. It'll be just over 5 feet high. We only work for 2 1/2 - 3 hours a day, that's why it's taking a lot of days.

Marion said...

Is that your home heating oil tank? If you wall it in, how will the delivery truck be able to refill it? Rental property can be such a problem. We finally decided to sell ours as it turned out to be more cost effective.

Z said...

It's Propane gas, and the tanker parks alongside and the hose can go over the wall. It was changed a year or so ago and the huge crane could easily have lifted it over a wall of that height.

I thought about selling the flats when Weeza moved out, but with the drop in property prices and the amount of capital gains tax I'd have to pay, as well as low interest rates, I get a lot more money by renting them.

Dave said...

I would like to confirm, for the benefit of your readers, that the cake was indeed quite edible. The jam appeared to be homemade.

Sir Bruin said...

I'm looking forward to my invite to the topping out ceremony. Will there be jelly and scotch eggs?

Z said...

The eggs were homemade too. Watch out how warmly you praise the cake, Dave, I may make you eat another as punishment.

I'm sure jelly and scotch eggs could be arranged, Sir B, and of course you are invited. And the Small Bear, naturally.

lom said...

only two?

Z said...

I think I'm going to have to make cake for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I thought Montezuma came from Mexico, not Sussex. 100 feet of wall is a lot, are you aiming to rival the Great Wall of China?

Z said...

If all goes well, we could consider building a wall round the whole village.

I think Montezuma is at the British Museum right now, isn't he? Only he's changed his name.