Friday 25 September 2009

Z and the Sage were Alarmed

The day didn't start well. I'd woken a couple of times in the night - the last couple of nights I've had a pillow in the bed to rest my leg on and give it some support; this works but then I turn over and my hip wakes me. However, I was pleasantly asleep and dreaming pleasantly when a burglar alarm went off. After a while, i realised it was ours. I got out of bed and peered out of the window. I didn't know that the alarm, which was replaced a couple of years ago, had flashing lights. Quite impressive. "It'll be a mouse," remarked the Sage. "Mm, or a spider," I agreed. I stomped into the bathroom for a robe and went downstairs and the Sage, not bothering with such a nicety, followed.

Of course, when it was time to get up I felt heavy and drowsy, but I did various jobs and left for school. Later, I went to the funeral of an elderly lady who had lived in the village for many years with her husband. She was large and heavy and suffered from diabetes and circulatory problems for some time, and for the last four years she had been afflicted with dementia. Her husband had looked after her lovingly. Back in February, when about to help her into bed, he felt unwell and realised he'd had a stroke. He still managed to get her to bed and the next morning got her breakfast. Then he called the doctor. Far too upsetting for her to have the drama of them both going to hospital in the middle of the night.

He made a good recovery, but had to admit that he couldn't cope while he was convalescing, so she went into a local nursing home. Actually, when I had dinner with friends last weekend the other guests were the couple who own that place. Peter said that the care that Peggy received could not have been kinder or more supportive and, once she'd settled down, he was happy that she was in the best place, close enough for him to visit every afternoon. They were married about 60 years. At the funeral, one of their daughters gave the eulogy, lovingly and movingly - at the end there was applause which is something I haven't come across before, but it was quite spontaneous.

There were lots of people there, and I'd already called on Peter at home and saw him again for a hug, so I didn't go to the bunfight afterwards, but went to the newly-opened garden centre nearby - it's only resited in fact, still under the same ownership. One of Al's customers has taken on the cafe there - she already has a small bakery business and Al and Dilly always buy one of her cheesecakes for celebrations. I went to order lunch and we had a chat, and when she brought my food she said, apologetically, that she recognised but couldn't place me. "I'm Alex's mother". "Of course, I knew I knew you."

I love being able to introduce myself as *member of the family's* mother or wife or granny and seeing someone's face light up.

I still felt pretty stupid all day after the disturbed night; had a migraine this morning and had to search for names at the meeting this afternoon. I had a nap around 6 o'clock and am better now. Didn't help that I aimed my contact lens at my eye and only realised an hour later when I wanted to look at something, that I'd evidently missed. I found it on my computer keyboard this afternoon. I wonder where my spares are. I've certainly got some.

Oh blimey - a programme about The Doors is on and I just caught myself singing along. Showing my age All Over Again.

Dull post. Sorry. If you got this far, my sympathy, but I don't think it'll get better with rewriting. Tomorrow, Z will be decorating the church for Harvest Festival which gives you something to look forward to. Heh.

Still watching the last few episodes of The Wire. I'm probably the last person in the country who is watching it not to have got to the end. Don't tell me what happens.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a dull post. Life is made up of moments like that. It is sweet hearing about real and nice people like the husband - and I am glad his wife spent her last days in a nice home. I did a site visit to an old, disused one that is to be sold the other day and was thinking that i do not want to end up in a place like this. It was quite sad seeing the names on the doors of the empty rooms, and many crossed out. Only one male name. I must be nice to my children.....

The one I went to closed down a month ago and I found a violet plant there that had been abandoned. I took it back to the office and watered it - it looks much better now so I feel I have done something worthwhile.

Sorry, I am rambling.

Z said...

I know what you mean. When the Sage was a general/antiques auctioneer, they sometimes cleared a house after someone had died or moved into a home and if there was a pot plant left at the end he brought it home rather than leave it to die.

The daughter said that it was only the last 4 months she didn't remember her family, but she would still hold cheerful conversations. There were regular sing-songs at the home, and right to the last she knew all the words of the old songs.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a lovely post Z.

sablonneuse said...

It was't boring at all but I'm sorry to hear you had a bad night - and day. There's nothing worse (well perhaps there are some things more terrible than that) than losing sleep and not being able to stay in bed for a long lie-in to get over it, so well done you for carrying on regardless.

Dave said...

I believe The Wire ends up at a socket.

Z said...

At least it wasn't a burglar. And I think I'm going to have to get used to waking up several times a night to get comfortable.

Socket to me Dave.

Showing my age again.

Anonymous said...

After The Wire you have to start watching Deadwood. More cussing than my blog, but once you get over that it is brilliant- Shakespearean, even.
P.S. Just caught up on the last several posts. I am now terrified at the thought of my grammar under Dave's watchful eye...


Z said...

More cussing than your blog? Is that possible?

Dave teases. He's not a curmudgeon at all. I don't retaliate and correct his spelling mistakes...