Wednesday 30 September 2009

Z gives an opportunity to go "Ahhh"

I thought you might like a picture of a cat. After all, most readers go all gooey at the sight of a cat photo and, although Dave doesn't, Dave is not here.

Lowestoft made various animal: dogs, cats, swans, cygnets and sheep but they are mostly, apart from some standing dogs, fairly clunky - though the swan and cygnet get away with it - but the cats are lovely. You can hold it in your hand and feel the bones - the modeller had spend a lot of time stroking the factory cats. They are all cast from the same mould, although the positioning and the base has some slight variation, and they come in various catty colours. This is probably the least realistic colouration - when I first saw it I was a bit hmm but it has grown on me. Nevertheless, we won't be bidding. All the same, no representative collection of Lowestoft china is really complete without a cat.

I put in an extra afternoon at a music lesson today as the teacher was going to be away part of the time and it's quite demanding for one teaching assistant or non-music teacher. I was flattered to find she thought I'd be useful and pleased that she felt able to ask. It went well - I stuck to the piano/keyboard as, although I'm reasonably okay with drums I have no idea of guitars, and the piano part was quite tricky for groups of pupils if none of them could read music. I persuaded a couple of lads to have a go who hadn't wanted to (and the other teacher hadn't succeeded) so I felt pretty good about it. They were both absolutely fine and got it right after a few minutes, so I hope they felt a sense of achievement too.

I wanted to go to the exhibition at the Tate tomorrow, so I looked up the route - the Tube was suggested but there's a change at Euston and the escalators aren't working between lines. That's no good, I can't do all those stairs without hobbling for the rest of the day, and it's a bit of a walk at the other end anyway, and then the exhibition as well as another one I want to visit if there's time. So I checked a different route. Reduced escalator service at Green Park. No wonder I hate the London Underground. I don't get claustrophobic or twitchy about bombs, it's all the bloody walking. I looked up buses instead, but the site was fed up with me by then and wouldn't work. So, you know, I can't be bothered. Obviously, it isn't a good idea to go direct from Islington to Pimlico. I'll go to the British Museum instead.


Mariana Soffer said...

So you are from london, I just noticed, It is the city of my dreams, I lived there for several months in 2 ocasions, I was pretty youg also, it raelly open my mind that experience, I loved that.
I love the Tate museum is amazing one, have you seen the last stuff on their website, the modern part, check them out, they have really intersting stuff.
U always check what thir exhibits are.
and also the future stuff

bye bye and be well

lom said...

Ahhhhhhh, there you go I did it

Sir Bruin said...

"Ok with drums"? Visions of Animal from the Muppets spring to mind. I used to whack the tubs in a previous life.

Z said...

I don't live in London, Mariana, but my daughter used to and I visit as much as I can. This time it's a business trip really, but I fit in an exhibition if possible - why not combine business with pleasure?

I often pop into Tate Modern if I'm walking back to the station.

I do like someone who responds to a cue, LOM!

In looks and temperament, I model myself on Animal. However, my co-ordination is rubbish so I'm no drummer. I can explain them, though.

sablonneuse said...

Sorry but my reaction is more of a hmmm (like you at first) as I much prefer my real warm furry felines.

Well done for encouraging the boys in music.
As for travelling in London I gave up long ago - but Paris is even worse for steps in the metro.

DILLIGAF said...

I'd go Ahhhhh but it'd be probably arrrrgh! as I dropped it. Clumsy bugger.

You know what? 30 odd years down here and I've rarely ventured into town in the last 20. Now Jax is at St Mary's Uni in East London I might tube it and see the sights.

Sir Bruin said...

Drumming is easy - it's just a matter of not hitting them at the wrong time.

Dave said...

What do you mean, 'Dave is not here'. I am now.

Mind you, I'm going out again shortly.

For all I know, I may be out tomorrow too.

Z said...

Well yes, Sandy, but the Sage won't allow real cats for fear they'll kill birds.

4D, I won't ask you to come and help at the sale then. On the whole, we quite like to sell china an item at a time rather than in fragments.
Now you're a gent of leisure, maybe we might meet up some time?

Exactly, Sir B. It's the spaces in between that matter.

Dave, you're an elusive Pimpernel. Not a damn'd one, of course. Welcome back, if only briefly.