Tuesday 1 September 2009

Z can't get at her emails

Is gmail generally down or is it just mine? Fortunately, when the email I'd spent some time writing didn't go on first sending, I copied it, as now I can't get the page up at all.

I bit the bullet and resigned from the committee (well, gave notice that I will stand down at the next AGM in a few months) and this has been accepted by the chairman - all I have to do now is tell people, which I will do within the next week or two. No vast hurry.

Wink has left and is spending the night with Weeza and family. Tomorrow, she has a funeral to go to in Norwich, that of her sister-in-law. She's taken an extra day off work to stay for it, but will drive home tomorrow afternoon. She took Dilly and me to lunch in Yagnub for our birthdays, which was very enjoyable.

Hm. Not much else to report. I'm going to Portugal for a week in November with Wink and the Bod - we debated for some time which of two weeks we'd go, and then when we thought it was all decided, Bod suddenly switched to a third week that hadn't been discussed. I'm distinctly doubtful of the weather in late November but hey, at least it will get me out of two meetings. You see how I'm already learning to switch off - not so long ago, I'd have turned down a social event on behalf of a meeting I felt obliged to attend. Unfortunately, it does mean that I won't be able to use the opera ticket I've bought. I'll have to check the website to see if the performance is sold out and whether I'll be able to get a refund if it's resold or whether I've got to tell the Sage to go in my place.

I must take a picture of Al's shop - it's all repaired and repainted now and looks very smart. Not that most of you will know what it did look like, but Badgerdaddy will.

Oh, Al and Dilly have got the eBay bug. It started when I was away and the Sage wanted to check on something he'd left a bid on, and Al came and helped him. Now they're happily buying and selling and it seems to take most of their spare time.

Right. That's about it. Goodnight.


Dave said...

Can I put a bid in for fruit and veg on e-Bay?

Z said...

How about a few pounds of tomatoes, Dave?