Monday 1 December 2008

Z should be working

It's after 11 pm and I've got several things still to do. Boo. I've finally caught up with most of today's essential stuff, and now can turn my attention to the meeting I'm going to tomorrow. On the way, I've got to pick up some papers that the local printers will (I hope) have ready for me - I was charmed that John rang me at 5 o'clock this evening to apologise that they won't all be ready as the machine has been playing up today, but to promise that enough will be done to take to the committee, if at all possible. He'll ring again at 8.30 to confirm tomorrow morning, so that I don't risk a wasted journey. The Sage is taking me into Norwich (I'm entrusting him with my new car for the first time) and on the way we'll drop Squiffany at nursery school and pick up another committee member. He will drop us both at the meeting venue, go and do whatever Sages do when they have 3 hours to kill and then meet us all, with our other halves, at a local pub for lunch.

It is not fabulous planning, that I'm then going out in the evening for the WI christmas dinner. However.

I've got a horribly full diary for the next couple of weeks. Nothing is in itself horrible and some things are actively to be looked forward to, but there's so much on. I think I'll have to make a list soon. I keep remembering I haven't got around to phoning various people. I'm not good at remembering to make phone calls at an acceptable time of day.

I suppose I'll have to allow time to do some Christmas shopping, too. Almost everything is bought in Yagnub or online. It takes a good deal of the stress out of it all, although there's still the frisson of excitement as I wait to see if the goods I've ordered actually turn up on time.


Dave said...

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.

Z said...

You are a Fine Man and an example to us all.

Anonymous said...

I finished my FOTCR™ shopping the day before I started it.

This time of year is my favourite. Eveyone else flies around really stressed and I sit at home and laugh at them. it's really easy, anyone can do it.

Z said...

Yes, but if you want to celebrate Christmas and especially if you have a family, you have to do some preparation. To many people, much of the fun is in the anticipation and in getting ready, and if you suggested they didn't bother, they would be disappointed.

Anonymous said...


I've had several conversations with people in recent days that disprove your theory. One of them is a female sidesman at the local House of God who has three children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

I think more and more people are getting sick of all the commercialism and high expectation and no thanks.

I'm not saying that everyone does things that way (and I doubt you do Z), but for many it's just one big PITA.

Z said...

But don't you think people like to grumble? Yet they still do all the work and spend all the money and if they feel it such a burden without any pleasure, they would find a way not to do it. But if you suggest they cut down, they talk of tradition and expectations and 'it's all for the children really, isn't it?' and make every excuse to pull out all the stops as usual.

A number of houses in the village already have decorations up, even where there aren't any children and they don't have to if they don't want to. You may be putting up a different theory, but yours doesn't actually disprove mine any more than mine disproves yours.

Certainly, I know people who do not enjoy Christmas, but they choose not to celebrate it.

luckyzmom said...

I love Christmas. I even love shopping in crowded stores, especially at the last minute. I usually do so even if I don't need anything.

Being so far from family and friends though, I try my best to find something special for the grandchildren and my mother-in-law. The rest now get gift cards for their favorite places.

I miss the all out Christmas I created for everyone when our kids were still at home.

Z said...

I used to get immense satisfaction from having everything work out when Christmas came around. The word 'created' is the right one - I felt a sense of achievement from it all coming together.