Tuesday 2 December 2008

Frosty reception

I went next door to give Squiffany back a toy she'd left in my car this morning (rather than take it into nursery school and risk losing it) and to give her parents a couple of messages, and Al said that he'd got back late this evening. "I'd had to park a long way from the shop," he said, "and when I got to the van, I found that the door had frozen shut. Not the lock, the door itself. It had rained, then frozen hard and the door was stuck. I couldn't quite face trudging back to the shop for water to de-ice it with, so I had to just keep pulling until it unstuck."

Dosia drove me and Yvonne to the next village for WI Christmas dinner. I helped with the washing up (we had caterers; it was an in-house do this year) but we said we'd wash the coffee cups and glasses ourselves. When I emerged from the kitchen - which is lovely, they've had it really well fitted up as a commercial kitchen for functions; they're a very sociable village - Yvonne was talking to the new treasurer, who is just taking over from her. "Where's Dosia?" I wondered, hoping she hadn't gone home without us. She was de-icing the car again. I went and helped, scraping off the ice with a flexible friend. It is another hard frost tonight. A beautiful starlit one, with a new moon and clear sky.

I've had a lovely sociable day and received my second Christmas card. I've not written any yet myself but I must get started this weekend, spurred on by darling Martina in Seattle (whose comments you might sometimes read here), who has been thoughtful enough to send me one.


luckyzmom said...

Whoa! I wish you hadn't mentioned cards. There are so many that I feel I have to write long personal notes in, that I put off the task far too long.

Anonymous said...

I have only had one card, and that was from the post office pushing their goods.

Z said...

Yes, I had that one too, LOM.

I know, LZM. Me too.